New Mother’s Illustrations Capture Raw Emotions Of Motherhood

New Mother's Illustrations Capture Raw Emotions Of Motherhood

Some new mamas choose to write blogs as a way of noting down the things that happen to them as mothers.

Others keep diaries, some write songs, many try to keep chronological photos.

For illustrator, Joy Hwang, it’s her sketchbook that helps her create keepsakes of these early days of motherhood.

New Mother’s Illustrations Capture Raw Emotions Of Motherhood

Hwang has been chronicling her journey as a new parent in a beautiful series of illustrations.

Each day, as her baby sleeps, Hwang sits down with her pencil in her hand and captures the raw emotions of her day in a breath-taking illustration.

The illustrations feature snippets of everyday life for Hwang and her adorable little daughter. One illustration shows the reality of working from home whilst caring for a baby vs toddler. The baby sleeps peacefully beside her whilst the toddler climbs across her laptop and generally wreaks havoc.

The drawings are sometimes heartwarming, a loving moment captured in time, and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny but, most importantly, they are relatable.

Writing on her website, Hwang explained: “I started Mom is Drawing to capture fleeting moments in my new role as a mom…I see my drawings as a love letters to new parents and I am happy to be here to share them with you.”

Hwang’s drawings are exactly that. They are gorgeous little drawings that show other parents they aren’t alone.

As a breastfeeding mother, it’s hardly surprising that a number of Hwang’s drawings feature breastfeeding. One particularly gorgeous illustration shows a new mother, tummy still swollen from pregnancy, leaning exhausted in a chair in the middle of the night whilst she pumps milk for her baby. Others perfectly capture the hilarity of trying to breastfeed a mobile or fidgeting baby.

There are always some gorgeous drawings that capture the bond between her partner and their baby. One photo shows them gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes while another shows them snuggled up enjoying a bedtime story together. One photo shows a couple standing in front of a beautiful sunset that they haven’t noticed because they’re too busy comparing adorable photos of their baby on their phones. Date night, anyone?

You can see Hwang’s illustrations by following her on Instragram and Facebook page. Hwang hopes the drawings will resonate with other parents who are experiencing the same struggles she has.

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