BellyBelly Centre for Natural Fertility, Pregnancy, Labour & Post-Natal Care

The BellyBelly Centre offers a range of services, including natural health practitioners, support groups, workshops and other great events designed to empower and inform. Our centre has central air conditioning and heating so you can attend in comfort all year round.

Our therapists are experienced in and can help you with: fertility enhancement, IVF support/optimisation, delayed or stalled labour (natural inductions), pre-labour care, breech presentations (please come in at 34-36 weeks), pregnancy related conditions, post-natal recovery and beyond, as well as all other general ailments.

"Your Centre so rightly reclaims pregnancy and birth as a healthy, empowering stage of life, that provides a wonderful transition to parenthood. I am so looking forward to seeing BellyBelly Pregnancy Centres in all cities and towns across Australia!" " David Vernon, Childbirth Author & Writer

Sadly the BellyBelly Centre has now closed. If you wish to get in touch with our therapists who work at other clinics, please see their details below.

Our therapists and therapies include:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture

Sharmaine Parsell – 0413 136 603
Chris Tang

  • Naturopathy

Jocelyn King
Nicole Tracy

"What a truly great idea! Kelly’s plan to provide a warm and welcoming space dedicated to supporting women as they explore their choices in maternity care is long overdue. It’ll be a healthful, happy place full of positive energy to nurture all childbearing women. GO BELLYBELLY!" " Brenda Manning, Midwife