5 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body and Your Baby

5 Weeks Pregnant | Symptoms and Your Baby

At 5 weeks pregnant you are likely to have done a test or seen your doctor and received the news that you are pregnant. Congratulations! This can be a really exciting time as you start your pregnancy journey.

Not every pregnancy is planned and it can be a massive adjustment coming to terms with the news that you are pregnant. How you and your partner react to the news you are expecting is very individual. It may take some time for the initial shock to wear off and for you to work through your feelings.

If the news you are pregnant wasn’t expected, it’s important to remember that emotions can be high and you might feel overwhelmed, lost and anxious. Decisions are best made when you have had time to process the information and are in a more rational headspace.

Your partner is likely to be feeling concerned and scared as well and while this may bring you closer together as you work through your future plans, it can cause tension and disagreements. If your partner is not coping with the idea of being a parent, communication might be a challenge but it’s essential to keep things calm and non-confrontational.

You can work out a list of pros and cons, talk to a trusted friend or family member, or even seek help from your doctor, a counselor or support service dealing with pregnancy crisis.

5 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

This is the first week after your missed menstrual period. Don’t be alarmed if you notice a little blood around this time. Implantation bleeding may occur when the tiny blastocyst burrows into the uterine lining. As a result, sometimes a little blood comes away, which may appear to be a light period or spotting. Always report any blood loss to your health carer, but bear in mind this is a likely possibility.

At 5 weeks pregnant, the tenderness in your breasts and nipples may increase. This is also the week that you may notice some mild stomach cramps and backache. If the cramping is painful then you should seek advice from your health carer. You may start to notice early symptoms of pregnancy, but these can start at different times for each woman.

Is It Normal To Have Cramps At 5 Weeks Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a time of radical transformation within your body, even in the early weeks. Your uterus is preparing to hold a growing baby.

Some of us experience regular menstrual cramps, so experiencing the same sensation during pregnancy can be a bit concerning. We might feel the sensation and expect a period like flow to begin, thus leading us to worry.

Prior to missing a period, some women notice cramping from implantation. At 5 weeks pregnant, cramping is associated with the uterus expanding. While there’s not a ton of uterine growth quite yet, these small changes can cause cramping.

In fact, as early as 4 to 5 weeks pregnant, many mothers feel the urge to urinate more frequently due to the uterus applying pressure to the bladder.

Cramping without bleeding is usually not a concern. Severe pain, cramping with bleeding, localized pain, and anytime you’re truly concerned, contact your midwife or doctor to report your symptoms.

5 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

Your baby looks more like a tadpole at this stage and in the centre is a tiny bud, which will develop into organs, bone and muscle! Your baby’s brain and thyroid gland have already started to develop and the tiny heart has divided into two chambers and begun beating.

The placenta and umbilical cord has developed and is helping to feed your new baby. It is responsible for pumping in oxygen, expelling waste, and supplying essential nutrients to your baby during pregnancy. Pretty impressive!

Your baby is growing rapidly but is still very tiny – only 3mm long, which is about the size of a sesame seed.

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