Amniotic Fluid Embolism – Everything You Need To Know

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Sam McCulloch enjoyed talking so much about birth she decided to become a birth educator and doula, supporting parents in making informed choices about their birth experience. In her spare time she writes novels. She is mother to three beautiful little humans.


  1. Hi,
    I am an AFE survivor! I gave birth to a beatuiful, healthy baby girl on 05-10-16 via c-section in Mackay QLD. My husband says that I asked him to get some photos while the nurses were checking her over, and then he heard me say, “Ouch, my chest”. When he turned around I was in cardiac arrest, alarms sounded, staff ushered him out of the theatre to the waiting room where my Mum and son were waiting. I was clinically dead for 4 minutes. So many factors were in my favour which has enabled me to be here today with my family. The fact that my surgery was at a time when the others theatres were full of senior medical staff, 7 anaesthetists were working on me so quickly to get my heart started again. After a 2nd surgery to stop the bleeding that they couldn’t see because my heart wasn’t pumping, ICU, blood transfusions and a bit longer than normal stay and a longer rehab, I am so grateful to enjoy my family

    1. How are you today? Did you experience any memory loss? Did you remember you child right after? I have so many questions about AFE . Was your baby girl early? Did you have trouble with postpartum afterwards?

      Glad to know you survived and your baby is healthy .
      Thank you for your time

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