36 Most Awesome Things About Being Pregnant

36 Most Awesome Things About Being Pregnant

It goes without saying that the very best thing about pregnancy is the beautiful little baby that you get to cuddle at the end of it.

That wonderful little part of you that you will love for the rest of your life. Ahhhhh.

But it’s not the only good thing about getting pregnant — in fact there are loads of things to love about being pregnant, so make the most of it while you can!

Here are 36 awesome things about being pregnant:

#1: You Have A Secret That Only You And Your Partner Know

Until you decide to tell other people, the pregnancy will be your little secret, and that somehow makes the pregnancy seem all the more exciting.

#2: You Get To Be The Bearer Of Great News

You and your partner get to come up with the perfect way to break the news, and see the reaction of your friends and family as they congratulate you on the pregnancy.

#3: Enjoying The Attention Of The Grandparents

You will get to bask in the excitement of your parents as they look forward to becoming grandparents.

Expect to be treated like a delicate flower, as your parents rush around looking after you for nine months.

#4: No More Periods

Hooray!!! For at least the next nine months, you will (very probably) forgo that monthly ritual. Goodbye ridiculously expensive sanitary products, menstrual cramps and that monthly spot upon your chin.

#5: You Won’t Have To Do Any Heavy Lifting

Well, technically you still could do a bit, but most people don’t know that, so you’re free to sit back and project manage any house moves you have planned.

#6: You Will Always Get A Seat

Whether you’re on the train, bus or visiting friends, you will always be offered a seat from hereon out. As soon as your bump is big enough to be a definite pregnancy bump (and not a food baby), you will have people tripping over each other to offer you their seat.

#7: Finally… Finally, Naps Are Not Only Socially Acceptable, But Encouraged

By health professionals no less! And you don’t want to argue with them, not in your condition… night night.

#8: You Can Win Every Argument, Because, You Know, You’re Pregnant

No-one wants to argue with the pregnant lady, or risk making her cry. Irrationality is almost expected from pregnant women, so use this to your advantage.

#9: You Have Someone To Blame

Follow up each bizarre and extravagant request with the words, “It’s for the baby,” and you will have every wish your heart desires. Or, more likely, your tummy.

#10: Massages Become A Way Of Life

During pregnancy, it is suddenly acceptable to spend large amounts of money on regular massages. You’re also totally within your rights to demand daily massages upon your return home from work.

#11: You Get To Wear Stretchy Pants All The Time

No longer are stretchy pants confined for lazy days or the gym, now all your pants are stretchy. Once you have fallen in love with comfort offered by maternity wear, you will find it very difficult to force yourself to wear normal jeans again after the pregnancy is over.

#12: No Kitty Litter Tray Cleaning

You can sigh loudly, and announce that you’re not allowed to change the cat’s litter tray during pregnancy.

It’s not strictly true, but your partner probably won’t research it, so you should be fine to take a nine month holiday from scooping up cat poo.

#13: You Have A-List Hair As Soon As You Drag Yourself Out Of Bed

Long gone are the days of intensive conditioners, spray in protectors, teasing, blasting, straightening and setting. These days your long, luscious hair looks picture perfect from the moment you look in the mirror.

#14: Your Boobs Are Bigger

All of a sudden you have the attention-grabbing cleavage you always wanted… much to your partner’s delight too.

#15: No Need To ‘Suck It All In’

You can hide the tummy control pants away for a while, and enjoy being able to breathe while seated.

#16: Time Becomes Irrelevant When You’re Browsing In The Baby Store

You can spend as long as you want staring at the tiny baby clothes in the department store. You’re pregnant, it’s expected.

No-one is going to try and escort you off the premises for being overly broody in a public place.

#17: Your Days Of Struggling With Small Talk Are Over

You no longer need to stumble over potential shared interests with total strangers. Now you can just talk about your pregnancy, and how much your hips ache – there’s no need to even mention the weather.

#18: You Will Have The Strangest And Most Detailed Dreams Of Your Life…

… and for some pregnant women, the hottest too — ooh la la! Keep a pad and pen by your bedside, and be sure to note down your weird and wonderful dreams when you wake up.

If you’re a writer or artist, you won’t be short for inspiration during pregnancy.

#19: You Have A Reason To Be Really Excited

You won’t spend your quiet moments worrying about what you’ll eat for dinner, or going over that presentation from work, you’ll be too preoccupied.

You’ll spend your days looking forward to meeting your baby.

#20: Feeling Your Baby Kick For The First Time… And Every Time After That

Feeling your baby kick for the first time is nothing short of amazing, and will really make the pregnancy feel so much more real.

Many new mothers miss feeling their baby kick after they are born, so enjoy each one!

#21: Feeling Your Baby Hiccup In Your Uterus

Feeling those hiccups inside you is simply too cute.

#22: Decorating The Baby’s Room

Choosing the colour scheme, layout and furniture that will become a home to your growing baby is so much fun.

You will spend hours pouring over Pinterest, trying to find the perfect look for the nursery.

#23: You Get To Go On Maternity Leave

Heck yes! Bring that on. Its just you and the bubba chilling at home.

#24: You No Longer Need An Excuse To Decline

You don’t need to waste time thinking of excuses why you can’t attend social functions and work events.

It’s understood, you’re pregnant, you have a ‘get out of everything free card!’

#25: Your Sex Drive Will, At Least At Times, Be Through The Roof

There will probably weeks where you feel like you can’t get enough of your partner, leaving you feeling like a sexy goddess. You also get to enjoy seeing a smile like a cheshire cat on your partner’s face, as he quickly dashes off for work.

#26: Amazing Orgasms. Don’t Mind If I Do…

While you’re enjoying all that sex, the increased blood flow to your nether regions will guarantee you some pretty amazing orgasms. You know those intense Hollywood movie orgasms you didn’t think existed in real life? Well, they do. And you’re about to have some.

#27: No Stress About Getting Pregnant… Because You Are!

While you’re enjoying all of those amazing orgasms during the amazing sex you’re having, you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, making it all the more enjoyable.

#28: You Can Feel Better About Your Body

You don’t worry so much about your bodily insecurities anymore, instead you are likely to feel an overwhelming admiration for your body.

After all, you are growing a person in there.

#29: Sweatpants Anyone?

You can wear sweatpants all the time, to every event, and no-one can so much as shake their head at you.

#30: You Will Be Taken Care Of Like Never Before

All of a sudden, the most important thing to your friends and family will be how you are feeling.

Everyone will be bringing you fresh fruit, cooking you healthy lunches and joining you on long walks at the weekends.

#31: You Can Spend Time Imagining And Daydreaming

Imagination games were the best thing about being a kid, and now you’re free to get stuck in again.

You can imagine meeting your baby for the first time, snuggling up together on the sofa, her first day of school, and when she thanks you in her Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.

#32: Unlimited Bathtime

Nobody can judge you for spending the majority of your waking hours in the bath. The bath is your haven during pregnancy.

#33: Baby Showers And Blessingways

You get to have a baby shower and/or a blessingway, and be reminded of how many friends and family are excited about the birth of your baby.

There will be cake, and games, and cake, and presents, and – did I mention the cake?

#34: You Will No Longer Have To Wait In Line To Use The Bathroom

As soon as you waddle into the toilets, the sea of old ladies and teenagers will part, allowing you VIP entry into the stall of your choice.

#35: You Get To Watch The Person You Love Becoming A Parent

From kissing your bump before work, to read parenting manuals and attending pre-natal classes, your partner will become a parent long before the baby is born.

#36: Pregnant Snuggles

Lying in bed together, spooning, with your partner’s hands resting gently on your bump as the baby kicks.

Nothing is more perfect than that moment.

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.

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  1. such a lovely list….but it made me a bit sad, as so many of the items on the list revolve around partners….massage, orgasms, being taken care of, spooning… having been single throughout i really feel likew i have issed out 🙁 about to move to be ner my parents, so will make up for lost time, but will be 32 weeks by then, not long left.

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