Flu Shot During Pregnancy – Should You Get It?

Flu Shot During Pregnancy - Should You Get It?

Curious about whether you should have the flu shot during pregnancy or not?

As autumn sets in, the days become colder and the nights are suddenly more brisk and chilly.

The media and pharmaceutical companies spring to action, sending out constant reminders that it’s time to line up for your annual flu shot, because the flu season is upon us once again.

Social media lights up like a pinball machine, full of news coverage and politicians’ pleas.

Experts put in their five cents about why you should get the flu shot this year – because flu outbreaks are going to be worse and more devastating than last year, of course.

People start weighing up if they should have the flu vaccine this year.

Perhaps they’ll get vaccinated… perhaps they won’t.

Flu Shot During Pregnancy

If you’re expecting a baby or trying to conceive, there’s the added consideration about having the flu shot during pregnancy.

But before you decide, there are quite a few facts you should know about the flu vaccine.

Facts which your doctor or other vaccinating health professional probably won’t tell you.

But if there’s just one piece of information you take from this article about the flu shot during pregnancy, then let it be this:

The single best thing you can do is to be sure to read the product information insert, located inside the flu vaccine’s packaging.

Ideally read this with your doctor or nurse, so you both get educated, in the likely case they haven’t read it themselves.

Make sure it’s not a generic printed off information sheet, which is what’s usually offered to patients.

You need to see the official vaccine insert. You know, the bit of paper which is normally included in medications you’re prescribed.

It’ll allow you to read about the full side effects and risks, so you can make an informed decision – you don’t need to be a doctor to do this.

If they refuse to give the insert to you or conveniently “don’t have any” (which is what some people have experienced), I would not make a decision until you are given one.

A doctor who does not value informed decision making is not a doctor you should call your own.

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The Flu Shot – What You Need To Know

Did you know the flu vaccine is produced many months (even up to a year) before the flu season actually begins?

Scientists select three or four viruses out of the hundreds circulating, to be included in next season’s flu vaccine.

The selected viruses are injected into chick embryos, then the eggs are incubated so the viruses can replicate.

This method of vaccine production allows pharmaceutical companies to be prepared to pump out a vast quantity of vaccines when flu season comes around.

But it also means the flu shot you’re given may already be redundant if the virus has mutated since then, or if it’s not the same virus taking everyone down in the current flu season.

Here are the flu vaccines being used in Australia for 2017 – all quadrivalent vaccines (contains four flu strains).

The adult flu vaccine product information sheet has this warning for pregnant women, which is exactly what you’ll find on most flu vaccine inserts:

Use in Pregnancy: Category B2

The safety and effectiveness of Afluria Quad™ vaccine has not been established in pregnant women. Therefore, careful consideration should be made regarding the benefits and risks prior to administration of Afluria Quad™ vaccine to women who are pregnant, or plan to become pregnant. No embryofetal development study has been conducted with Afluria Quad™ vaccine.”

Use in Lactation

The safety and effectiveness of Afluria Quad™ vaccine has not been established in nursing mothers.


Afluria Quad™ vaccine has not been evaluated for genotoxic potential.


Afluria Quad™ vaccine has not been evaluated for carcinogenic potential.

And we’re okay with this?

Is The Flu Shot During Pregnancy Safe?

As you just read above, there is rarely any, let alone extensive testing on pregnant women or unborn babies (it’s unethical, right?).

Usually the flu shot (and other vaccines) are just released on the premise that the benefits will far outweigh any unknown risks.

But how many times have we learnt, down the track, that something wasn’t a great idea after all?

Asbestos. Tobacco. Sugar. BPA. Lead in paint and petrol. Ibuprofen, which can increase significantly the risk of stroke and heart attack.

In the video below, evidence is presented for cases of fetal death after flu and TDaP vaccines during pregnancy.

This is not something you will find in mainstream media. Advertiser backlash would be massive and swift, especially from the all mighty and powerful big spending pharmaceutical companies.

If you value informed decisions, it means weighing up evidence from both sides and not just what the headlines say.

Mainstream media is rarely a reliable source – they’re run by journalists and reporters skilled in creating headlines that will get your attention.

The Flu Shot During Pregnancy – How Effective Is It?

On the CDC’s (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention) website, there’s reference to a study which resulted in an efficacy rate as low as 16% in healthy adults.

They state the reason for the poor result was due to fewer viruses circulating that year.

Another year, the efficacy rate was just 23% across all age groups.

Medical News Today explained the poor result, saying:

“The CDC note that around 70% of this season’s H3N2 viruses have been identified as “drift variants” – viruses that possess antigenic or genetic changes that make them different from the virus included in this season’s flu vaccine, meaning the vaccine’s effectiveness is reduced.”

An efficacy rate of 50-60% seems to be seen as a good result for the flu vaccine.

You see, there are hundreds of viruses which cause influenza and influenza-like illnesses, and the viruses tend to mutate.

So, you can imagine there are going to be major issues with efficacy.

A study has shown taking the immune boosting vitamin D3 was more effective at stopping influenza than the actual vaccine. But will your doctor or the media tell you to take that as a preventative?

Highly unlikely.

Not while there’s plenty of money to make in every human being on the planet getting a vaccine.

Should I Have The Flu Shot During Pregnancy?

We spend our entire pregnancies avoiding sushi, soft cheese, cat poop (toxoplasmosis), smoked salmon, medications, pain killers, alcohol… anything toxic.

Experts recommend zero intake of alcohol during pregnancy, as they have no idea of the safe limit for the baby.

Yet apparently it’s perfectly fine to have a chemical concoction injected into your pregnant body which will be highly likely ineffective and not protecting you for the current flu bug.

What about the toxic vaccine additives like aluminium (a well known neurotoxin), when there are zero studies that flu vaccines are safe and effective during pregnancy or when breastfeeding?

Where are the experts saying that we don’t know safe limits, so we shouldn’t use it?

Some countries still use flu vaccines which contain thiomersal (mercury), which is another reason to make sure you read the vaccine insert so you can find out what’s in the vaccine.

From the CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention) website:

“Flu vaccines in multi-dose vials contain thimerosal to safeguard against contamination of the vial.”

No-one wants to test the safety of vaccines on pregnant women and unborn babies. Completely understandable.

But if the flu shot is not safe for newborn babies, and if babies are more at risk of serious complications from medications and toxins while in utero (compared to when being breastfed) this is a big red flag.

Yet, pregnant women are being told to go ahead and get the flu shot during pregnancy.

Without knowing it, pregnant women have become the study, and it’s highly unlikely they have been offered or have read the vaccine insert before having the shot.

Find out what Doctor Mayer Eisenstein (who has since passed away, sadly) has to say about the flu shot during pregnancy.


The Flu Vaccine Results In 60% Of Vaccine Injury Compensations In The US

I strongly encourage you to watch the short video below, where you’ll see two doctors talking about the flu vaccine.

The first, Doctor Paul Offit MD, is a paediatrician who is the director of the Vaccine Education Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

He is a well known pro-vaccination figurehead in the US. He also a co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine, so he is financially vested in vaccines.

In this video, he is responding to a pharmacist who is concerned about one of her patients who had a particularly bad reaction to the flu vaccine.

The second is Professor Alvin Moss MD, FACP, FAAHPM, who is also a nephrologist (kidney specialist).

Professor Moss taught medical ethics at West Virginia University for over 25 years, where he is the director for the Center for Health Ethics & Law.

In the video, he is speaking under oath in a testimony to the West Virginia Senate.

He is particularly concerned about the flu vaccine resulting in significantly more injuries than other vaccines.

Doctor Moss says, “The flu vaccine happens to be the vaccine that causes the most injury in this country… 40% of all vaccinations in this country are flu shots, but 60% of all compensations [in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program] are for the flu vaccine.”

See some example compensation payouts (in the United States) for the flu vaccine here.

It’s truly a must watch, simply to see how vastly different the opinion of two highly educated medical professionals can be.

There are many doctors, nurses and midwives who are questioning the flu shot, and they aren’t quacks.

Some, like Professor Moss, are highly regarded amongst their peers.

Australia Does Not Have A Vaccine Compensation Program

Unlike the US, Australia has no compensation schemes in place to provide financial assistance to vaccine injured individuals.

In fact, those who are injured can be left to fend for themselves, seeking financial support by reaching out on social media.

An Australian mother, Kathy Watson-Jones was paralysed by the flu vaccine.

Her story was told by the Melbourne newspaper, The Herald Sun:

“A FIT and healthy Melbourne mother was left paralysed from head to toe just days after having a routine flu jab. Kathy Watson-Jones was crippled by Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare condition where the body’s immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system.

As her nerves shorted out, her condition rapidly declined and she lost control of her limbs, she struggled to breathe and her speech was mumbled. Hospital staff had to tape her eyes shut just so she could sleep.

Working as a clerk in the maternity ward at Northpark Private Hospital, Ms Watson-Jones, 45, said she was encouraged by her employer to have the injection for the first time on April 23.”

Two years later, Kathy still cannot walk. Vinnies have been supporting her by promoting the #walkforkathy event. You can find out more here.

Vaccine reactions are highly underreported around the world – even the CDC admits underreporting occurs.

This may occur due to lack of knowledge about vaccine reactions, lack of desire to report injuries to the reporting system (VAERS), lack of knowledge about the reporting system, and bullying. Yes, bullying is a problem for some health professionals reporting adverse events too. One ER nurse shared his story about being the only health professional to report vaccine reactions in his hospital – you can read about it here.

The Flu – Who Is To Blame?

Catching the flu is simply a case of a virus finding a susceptible host.

Humans don’t have such a thing as a flu vaccine deficiency: we don’t need a vaccine in order to not get the flu.

But many of us have issues with our immune system not functioning as well as it could.

We can blame our lifestyle, nutritional choices, stress and the toxins we put into our bodies daily.

Vitamin deficiencies (for example vitamin D3) can impact immune system function, which can easily happen in winter.

A deficiency can occur during other times of the year too, since we cover up so much in order to avoid skin cancer, and we spend lots of time indoors.

If you’re in the US during the winter, you’ll know it’s the same time of year where many will eat and drink to excess, as well as having snow instead of sunshine.

Big and scary headline making killer bugs is what the media would prefer to have you believe, when its actually more likely to be people hungover from one excuse to over-indulge after the other.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years – poor immune system copping a beating!

It’s a peak period of food, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep and lack of rest, all resulting in poorly functioning immune systems. No surprises there.

Not Everyone Who Is Exposed To The Flu Gets The Flu

Alfred Hero is a professor at the University of Michigan in the College of Engineering, who authored a flu study where participants were infected with the flu virus – and only half of them got sick. He said this via MSNBC regarding the immune systems function with the flu:

“Many people might conclude that if you are exposed to a virus and you don’t get sick, it’s because the virus didn’t stick or it was so weak, it just passed right through your system and your system didn’t notice. That’s not a correct notion … There is an active immune response which accounts for the resistance of certain people getting sick, and that response is just as active as the response we all know and hate, which is being sick with the sniffles, fever, coughing and sneezing. It’s just that the responses are different.”

So, the state of your immune system can dictate how sick you get and what you get.

While you are pregnant, you have lowered immunity. So it’s even more important to protect and boost your immune system naturally. Doing so will give you a far more effective defense system against colds and flus. You can read more in Elderberries Are Effective Against Flu Strains, Research Shows.

What Foods Are Bad For The Immune System?

A healthy immune system is a strong force to be reckoned with.

A body in balance is a body that has resistance to disease.

Here are 13 healthy breakfast ideas which will leave you gloriously full, your tastebuds buzzing and blood sugar levels more horizontal than vertical!

Make sure you bookmark the breakfast link for morning inspiration.

On the other side of the fence, here are things to avoid like the plague.

#1: Sugar

Sugar causes blood sugar levels to spike… then crash, resulting in your brain chasing more sugar… and the cycle continues.

Not only can they make you crave more sugar, but there are a range of health problems associated with it’s use, including migraines and other serious illnesses.

As someone once said, if you see sugar-free, diet, or similar on the label, think chemical sh*tstorm.

Highly recommend watching That Sugar Film – an educational and entertaining film about sugar, featuring cameos from awesome people like Hugh Jackman, Stephen Fry and others.

#2: Caffeine

Ahhhh, our ‘friend’ caffeine. It’s well known that caffeine can stimulate the adrenal glands and give us a buzz.

Many of us consume caffeine daily, often with the belief we need our coffee or tea to get through the day.. or even to start the day!

However, the adrenal glands eventually become exhausted and don’t respond any more. This can leave you a perfect target for health problems.

Caffeine can result in headaches, anxiety, fatigue, irritability and dehydration.

When you have a cup of coffee, your body is triggered to excrete more water than you took in from that drink.

Just 1-2% dehydration can result in a temporary impairment of physical and mental capabilities.

Your body needs plenty of water to be at it’s best, physically and mentally.

#3: Nicotine

If you’re in this category, I’m sure you well know the risks to your baby’s (and those around you) health and immune system.

If you need help trying to quit, please read our article on smoking while pregnant, which is full of loads of information, without the guilt.

#4: Processed Grains

As best you can, avoid or eliminate foods made from grains, for example bread, rice, biscuits, cake, pizza, cereals etc.

These high glycemic foods make your blood sugar levels rise rapidly like sugar – its like throwing fuel onto a fire.

Many people don’t realise a bowl of pasta can spike blood sugar levels higher than a bit of chocolate.

Ask any diabetic what happens to their blood sugar levels after eating these things.

#5: Alcohol

Again another category you may not be in, or perhaps you’re still having a glass of wine here or there.

We know what alcohol does to brain cells, it kills them, not strengthens them for resistance to illness.

Alcohol is often loaded with sugar too, especially when we mix it with soft drinks or juices.

#6: Medications and Drugs

Only take medications if you truly need them.

You only have to see media stories over the years to see drugs recalled or having undesirable side effects.

Drugs once claimed as a ‘wonder drug’ have resulted in serious complications down the track.

Google the Vioxx controversy, for just one example.

What Can I Do To Boost My Natural Immunity?

Try these things to give your immune system a great boost!

  • Quality Prebiotics and Probitoics. Around 70-80% of your immune system is in your gut – so treat it well! By taking probiotics daily, you’re helping to keep the good bacteria topped up in your system. You’re also helping to fight off any nasties.
  • Supplement With Vitamin D3. There’s a growing amount of evidence coming to light about the importance of vitamin D3, especially when supplementing for pregnancy. Studies have shown a reduced risk of infections, especially respiratory infections (colds and flu). It also reduced the risk of infections of the vagina and the gums (around 25%), and many other things.
  • Cook With A Healthier Oil. Cook with extra virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.
  • Sort Out Your Stress! Stress, anxiety and anger are a huge drain on the immune system – emotions can effect your body more than you realise. Here are 10 ways to deal with stress during pregnancy.
  • Exercise. Studies show that if you’re healthier, you recover much quicker from respiratory conditions. This study shows up to 50% reduction in upper respiratory tract illness durations for active people opposed to sedentary. Try and get out for 20-30 minutes of walking for 5-7 times a week.
  • Get Good Quality Sleep. Not getting quality sleep? This can impact your immune system, metabolism and emotional health. While you sleep, your immune system goes through important repair and healing processes. Get to bed by 10:30pm and make sure there are no distractions in your room. And be sure to switch off that phone at least two hours before bed!
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Kelly Winder is the creator of BellyBelly.com.au, a writer, doula (trained in 2005), and a mother of three awesome children. She's passionate about informing and educating fellow thinking parents and parents-to-be, especially about all the things she wishes she knew before she had her firstborn. Kelly is also passionate about travel, tea, travel, and animal rights and welfare. And travel.


  1. Seriously?!?! What a horribly misleading and dangerous article. You know that if you do contract flu while you are pregnant you are at risk of severe complications, right?!….. Extremely disappointing that as a website wtih a large following that you would publish something as inaccurate as this…. You CANNOT stop a flu by simply having a good immune system..

    1. I really hope that this actually prompts you to do some of your own research. How does the immune system work? What strengthens and weakens the immune system? Homeostasis of the body. What ingredients are in vaccines?
      I’m not quite sure what prompts anyone to think that a strong immune system can’t fight off any viral illness, but a vaccine can. That’s baffling to say the least. Toxins do not equal health.
      Great article, thank you!!

    2. ☺ Great article Kelly! Thanks for your faith in natural immunity. So many of us humans are loosing touch with the basics of natural health care and are blindly popping down pills and vaccines without researching healthier safe and sensible alternatives. People will have their opinions against these natural alternatives which makes sense considering most mainstream medical info promotes quick fix drugs and vaccines. When people have trusted the system and formed strong beliefs a fiery resistence builds insides. No one likes their opinions/beliefs questioned which is how war starts.

    3. Totally agree! How irresponsible to put this rubbish up on such a popular site. There is so much evidence showing how safe and effective the flu shot is in pregnancy, it’s the only defenceca newborn baby will have against the virus. It’s not a live vaccine, it acts by prompting the immune system to create antibodies to fight the virus. Stopping the flu by healthy eating OMG who wrote this crap ???

      1. I wrote it. I also linked a lot of it to the CDC or research links, also very educated doctors opinions are quoted. What are your qualifications? Do you have any independent (non-pharma based or funded) evidence to support your claims? Do you know the impact of all the other vaccine ingredients on the immune system?

        1. I am a mum of a small toddler (she is very healthy) and my friend is a mum of a small toddler (been hospitalised many times, surgery, respiratory issues).. That friend of mind told me that “we need vaccines because we don’t have any immunity to the viruses”. I was surprised at her lack of education about disease and immunity. But then I remembered that not everyone studied science like myself, or took a curious interest in disease and disease management and health (like myself). She truly had no idea that our immune system can meet, recognise and combat a new pathogen when it enters the immune defences. She just thought that we are fragile and sick and defenceless. She gave her baby everything and all the extras she could source. And he is a very sick little boy. He was born so big and strong. His immune system has never had a chance to do it’s own thing naturally. It has been hindered from day one.

    4. Thankyou Georgia,
      This was exactly my thought when reading this. Dangerous and misleading. This makes me question anything I may read on this website considering it seems to be the main article on flu for their website. Just the language used to say that they “guess” what viruses will be in a given season is to seriously under represent what a scientific “guess” consists of. It’s not a stab in the dark, it’s a reasoned, sensible estimate.
      No, Kirsten, your natural immune system cannot be relied upon to protect you from the flu. There is a vast difference between the immune system response to encountering a virus when it has been vaccinated and already developed a suitable response to the virus and an immune system response when it encounters the a full blown virus for the first time. I hope this encourages you to go out and do your own research, because right now, I’m not convinced that you know how the immune system works either.

  2. Just read your article on cord clamping. Baby number 2 due any day and thought I’d check to see your thoughts on vaccines after reading up on cord clamping. I have researched vaccines for a long time and came across this article. Your information is so detailed and well researched I just had to let you know how wonderful it is. I believe 99% of pharmaceuticals are useless and I’m probably being kind. As for Georgia’s comment on July 13th…I do not believe they could have read the article. Keep up the great work.

  3. The biggest problem I have with the flu vaccine as it “covers” a very limited number of viruses when their are hundreds currently known and the fact that flu viruses have the ability to mutate and adapt, making it very difficult to have an effective vaccine. I have never had a flu vaccine and I probably never will for this reason. I don’t believe it is possible to research, develop and manufacture a vaccine with the ability to keep up with the adaptability abilities of the flu viruses…The protection is too narrow, and is outdated before it even leaves the pharmaceutical factory… NO THANK YOU

  4. Ridiculous article. I hope people who read this article do diligent research for and against flu vaccines especially whilst pregnant.
    And then I hope they come to the sensible conclusion that flu vaccines literally save lives ever year (especially in the elderly and immune suppressed) and they have been proven to be safe and recommended in pregnancy with benefits far outweighing any risks (like all vaccines…)
    All of Kelly’s suggestions for natural immunity are good, but don’t let this article scare you off the flu vaccine.

    1. Hey Tess,

      Thanks for your contribution.

      Not everyone is going to like all or any of what I write, and that’s fine.

      I checked your IP and found this of interest.

      IP Information
      Country: Australia
      QLD Government Business (IT)

      It seems you work for the government in Brisbane?

    2. Please show the studies that show that flu vaccines “literally save lives every year”… I can show you TWO cochrane systematic reviews of the literature that actually say flu vaccination has an extremely modest effect or no effect at all in reducing flu.

      1. https://www.cochrane.org/CD001269/ARI_vaccines-to-prevent-influenza-in-healthy-adults

      “71 people would need vaccination to prevent one case of influenza… Vaccination shows no appreciable effect on working days lost or hospitalisation…The protection against ILI … to pregnant women is uncertain or at least very limited… Influenza vaccines have a very modest effect in reducing influenza symptoms and working days lost in the general population, including pregnant women. .” – Cochrane Collaboration 2014
      2. https://www.cochrane.org/CD005187/ARI_influenza-vaccination-healthcare-workers-who-care-people-aged-60-or-older-living-long-term-care

      “This review does not provide reasonable evidence to support the vaccination of healthcare workers to prevent influenza in those aged 60 years or older resident in LTCIs.” – Cochrane Collaboration 2016

      >> Yes, I really do hope people look at the research instead of blindly following the current recommendations.

    3. This article supplies diligent research, can you please supply unbaised information – the tupe you are telling people to look for that disputes this article?
      And the risk vs benefit – if you revew vaccine deaths on CDC and VAERS those numbers are much higher then those that die from the flu, along with a list is health issues the vaccines causes.
      Which you would know after you did your diligent research.

  5. Excellent! Thank you for writing and posting this article. There are certainly some very brainwashed people out there! (Not to mention trolls) Respect your body and health. The flu shot is a huge scam.

  6. I’m so angry after reading this article this morning because of the fear it instilled in me. I just had my flu and whooping cough shot yesterday and needless to say this article has sent my stress levels through the roof for endangering my baby. But then I read a bit more and now I’m angry because there are a lot of studies showing the effectiveness of flu vaccine. Here is one: https://www.cdc.gov/features/pregnancyandflu/
    This article says that single dose flu shots are mercury (themerosal) free and only multi dose ones have themerosal in it. The article explains why they use themerosal in multi dose vaccs. Quite logical really. Read the cdc article and ask your doctor for a themerosal free shot (a single dose shot). Gee whiskers why create fear? Thank God I had a single dose shot yesterday.
    Here is a link to a news article discussing a 6 year study that shows that taking the whooping cough and flu vaccine at the same time is just as safe as taking it on separate occassions. Its a 6 year study people!
    I think having a good immune system and following drs advice is the best of both worlds. Don’t follow one or the other, rather, exercise both disciplines.

  7. If you read the article and do your own research further, the product information sheet for Afluria Quad™ which is the 2017 vaccine in Australia states, ‘The safety and effectiveness of Afluria Quad™ vaccine has not been established in pregnant women.’

    Do you take the risk of getting it or take the risk of not getting it?

  8. Extremely disappointed that this woman would use scare tactics like this. I bet she does not even have a basic science degree or know how to critically examine the quality of evidence.

    1. How about the doctors who are quoted in the article? No basic degree? You don’t need a science degree to make informed choices. To say you need to be an immunologist to make a sane decision is ridiculous. The fact that the flu vaccine is the most compensated vaccine in the US is a huge red flag.

  9. Thank you for writing this Kelly. I had the flu shot just days after conceiving – which I obviously didn’t realise at the time. I ended up miscarrying a blighted ovum at 10 weeks. No one can tell you what causes faults to develop in the embryo but it’s hard to believe a vaccine had no effect at all. A quick Google Search days many other women have suffered similar effects. I wish I’d read the insert, and I’ll certainly read then from now on. I think we all need to worry more about the fear mongering that governments and doctors do so readily based on the word of pharmaceutical companies, whose aim is to make a profit, not protect our unborn children or our health. There is unfortunately, a long history of doctors administering drugs to pregnant women and people in general without understanding the potential side effects and repercussions. I suggest a book called Our stolen future as a real eye opener to the health effects of the age we are living in.

  10. Great article, you hit the nail on the head. This is something I have been doing so much research on. I am not comfortable having anything injected into my body while I am pregnant. Its not natural. I am not one to get sick EVER, I eat healthy.. I am healthy. People have forgotten what the human body is capable of. We are born with immune systems. I would only consider such a thing if my own immune was super low (born that way).

    1. Jake, what the media isn’t telling people, that *at the very least* some of those who have died have been vaccinated. That’s why there’s no uproar about unvaccinated people spreading the flu. In fact the father who recently died and missed father’s day? Apparently his relatives jumped online to report that he’d actually been vaccinated for the flu a week before, had a seizure, then passed away. I’m trying to get 100% verification on this. But seizures are not a flu symptom. Then, we have this recent research out linking the flu vaccine to miscarriage, with a 7.7 times increased risk. Something some mothers have suspected for a long time, after losing babies after a vaccination. “Co-incidence”. I absolutely would not get any vaccine during pregnancy, because no trials have ever been done on pregnant women. Pregnant women are the trial.

  11. In 1918 – 1920 an outbreak of flu occurred. It affected young healthy people of both sexes. It was the first pandemic of the H1N1 influenza virus. It swept the world. Soldiers coming back from the front brought it with them and whole families were wiped out.
    The people most affected by this outbreak were the complete opposite of those who are normally susceptible to disease. Normally it is the young or the elderly, who poor immune systems who die first during epidemics. In this case young, fit and healthy men and women and PREGNANT women died.
    It wasn’t until quite recently that they were able to find a sample of this type of virus – from bodies buried in the permafrost – that they were able to actually get a look at it and try and find out why it was so virulent and above all, why it killed so many.
    Apparently the immune systems of young, fit and healthy people and pregnant women would overreact to the virus. Their immune response went overboard. While the body was trying to fight of this virus, it left the body open to attack from other opportunistic organisms and within 24hrs, they would be dead. It killed a fifth of the world’s population at that time.
    This scenario hasn’t been repeated thank goodness. It killed the healthiest and most vital in our communities. Something to think about when you judge the CDC.

    1. I hear you! It’s pretty scary thinking about that.

      However, 100 years ago… what was the sanitation and plumbing like – how did they get rid of waste and infected materials? What was their medical knowledge like? What were their diagnostic skills and tools like? What was their knowledge of the immune system like? What were their medical treatments like, and success rates of those treatments? I’m sure in 100 years time, they’ll laugh at some of the ways we used to do and treat people too. We’ve come a long way in 100 years, and in another 100, who knows what’s possible. Many people catch the highly infectious gastro (mono in the US) and it kills the weak and vulnerable. We have no vaccine for it. It mutates just like the flu. But it hasn’t wiped us out either.

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