Is This The World’s Most Excited Grandpa-To-Be? [VIDEO]

Is This The World's Most Excited Grandpa-To-Be? [VIDEO]

Here at BellyBelly, we love a good pregnancy announcement video.

Anything soppy, sentimental or downright hilarious is bound to have us hitting the replay button.

There is something very special about telling your parents that they’re soon to become grandparents.

Even the sternest of dads go warm and cuddly at the thought of a new baby to cuddle.

It’s one of those moments when you realise that your own baby is all grown up. And having a baby of her own!

Justin Hall and his wife couldn’t wait any longer before telling their family the good news. So at eight weeks, they decided to let them in on the secret. Knowing it would be a moment worth remembering, the couple decided to hide a secret camera in the room so they could capture the reactions on film.

Rather than telling them, Justin and his wife decided to let their family figure it out for themselves. They made a sign with the due date on, and left a couple of baby vests and a bib hung on the hall in the spare room. The soon-to-be-grandma walks into the room whilst talking on the phone. She soon catches on to the display and immediately starts shouting excitedly.

Soon-to-be-grandpa, however, plays things a little cooler. Letting the news sink in whilst his wife screams with excitement, the adorable dad seems cool and collected. He doesn’t even react when his wife points out the baby is due on his birthday. He seems pleased about the news, but is quiet compared to grandma-to-be who is running around the house with excitement.

Things change, however, when his wife leaves the room. After a quick peak into the hallway to check she’s gone, this sweet future grandpa leaps into the air and jumps around with excitement. After his momentary private display of joy, he calmly walks out of the room to congratulate the parents-to-be. What an awesome grandpa!

And it just goes to show, just because your mum is the one running around squealing, it doesn’t mean she’s the more excited of the two. Your dad could be doing high jumps every time you leave the room.

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