11 Things Every Pregnant Mama Must Do Before Giving Birth

11 Things Every Pregnant Mama Must Do Before Giving Birth

This bucket list isn’t going to be a practical one, it’s a list of purely selfish things you should do for you.

Because, well, you deserve it!

There will be no mention of hospital bags, prenatal classes or the washing of teeny tiny baby clothes.


As your pregnancy comes to an end, you are about to start a whole new chapter in your life – and a very demanding one!

So take some time out before then to be selfish and indulge yourself. Trust me, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t.

Always remember, especially as you head into motherhood – self care isn’t a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity.

To be the very best mother, partner, daughter, neighbour or human being, you must prioritise self care into your life, every single day.

The Ultimate Pregnancy Bucket List For Mamas-To-Be

Here are 11 things to consider adding to your pregnancy bucket list.

#1: Have A Girly Night

Whether you head out for an evening of mocktails, or hide indoors in front of a good film, invite all of your besties over for some quality time.

A few hours of laughing with friends could be all you need to feel revitalised.

The great thing about best friends is that they always know exactly what you need – whether you need hilarious date disaster stories, or a shoulder to cry on, they’ll know just how to help.

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#2: Paint Your Toe Nails

Or, more likely, ask someone to paint them for you.

You may not even be sure you have toes anymore, since it’s been so long since you last saw them.

Rest assured though, they are still there – and very much in need of painting.

Treat yourself to a pedicure at your favourite salon, or ask a friend to paint your nails for you.

#3: Have A Massage

Pregnancy isn’t easy on the body, and you may find yourself suffering from aches and pains as you enter the final trimester.

A prenatal massage can help – a qualified masseuse will be able to ease your aches and pains, relieve tension in your muscles, and help you to feel relaxed.

If budget is an issue, organise a do-it-yourself massage at home. Invest in some massage oil (coconut oil is a great option) and a massage ball, and ask your designated masseuse to spend a few minutes watching how to videos online.

Turn out the lights, play some calming music and enjoy a lengthy massage in the comfort of your own home.

#4: Get Away

Pack a bag, grab your partner and whisk him off into the sunset to grab some much-needed couple time before the baby arrives.

Once you become a family of three, your time alone with your partner will be limited. Nights away will need months of forward planning, dedicated babysitters, and plenty of location restrictions based on distance away from the baby.

Make the most of your last months of freedom (just kidding, you’ll still have freedom – you get a second chance at it in about 18 years) and disappear to wherever takes your fancy.

If you already have children, you might like to take them with you, or try and arrange friends or family to help out for a quick holiday away before the next family member arrives.

Money is tight? Give housesitting a try. Check out the Trusted Housesitters website, it gives you the opportunity to housesit anywhere in the world, for free!

#5: Take Some Bump Shots

You may not love your bump now, but one day in the not too distant future, you won’t quite be able to believe just how big you got.

Make sure you have some photographs of you and your bump before it disappears.

You can take the photos yourself, ask a friend to do it, or even hire a professional photographer to capture some frame-worthy shots.

A belly cast is another great alternative to remembering your bump, which you can have professionally painted if you wish!

#6: Go To The Cinema

This may not sound overly exciting, but there will come a time when you yearn for a simple trip to your local cinema.

One day, as you sit in front of the television showing nothing but repeats, covered in baby sick, baby snot and the everyday grime that accompanies motherhood, you will wish you could waltz out of the door to the cinema.

Lash out and have a Gold Class/VIP session if you can afford it – you can put your feet up and enjoy the movie in total comfort!

#7: Visit Your Favourite Restaurant

Go on, you deserve it. Pregnancy is tough – even the most plain sailing pregnancy has its fair shares of grumbles, so give yourself a much needed treat.

Make the most of your last few weeks as a family of two (or more!), and head out of the door without having to organise a babysitter or changing bag, and enjoy a delicious feast at your favourite eatery.

#8: Read A Book

Run yourself a nice, warm bubble bath, choose a book off your to-read pile, and let your fingers and toes get wrinkly.

You may imagine yourself having plenty of time to read whilst on maternity leave, but while you may manage the odd book, you probably won’t be spending many hours leafing through novels under shady trees.

You may even find that the only books you manage to read during maternity leave, are baby books. So make the most of these final few months of pregnancy by reading some good books cover to cover.

#9: Catch Up With Friends

Pregnancy is the perfect time to catch up with old friends.

Make plans to meet up with old friends, and spend time on the phone chatting to long distance friends.

It can be that little bit harder to keep in touch when the baby arrives, simply because you’ll be so busy, so spend time catching up with everyone during pregnancy.

#10: Write About It

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time, as you approach the unknowns of motherhood, you may find yourself spending time reflecting on your feelings.

Take this opportunity to write down your thoughts and feelings as the birth approaches.

If you are planning to keep a baby book detailing the first year of your baby’s life, this would make a great first entry.

#11: Have A Blessingway

You may or may not have had a baby shower, but a blessingway is all about getting your favourite women together and making it all about the mother-to-be.

There’s no gift giving (although you could definitely class everyone’s presence and support as a gift) but instead, its all about preparing you emotionally for birth.

They are absolutely amazing and leave you overflowing with love and laughter.

Find out more about blessingways here.

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