15 Things That Make Pregnant Women Cry

15 Things That Make Pregnant Women Cry

The stereotype of the over emotional, irrational pregnant woman sobbing at the supermarket checkout because they didn’t have the ice cream flavour she wanted is not so much a gross representation as a fact of life.

Pregnant women cry.

A lot.

About crazy things – and pretty much everything.

Here are some of the most common examples:

#1: An Advert That Has Anything To Do With Babies, Children Or Pets

Television adverts selling anything from nappies to dining tables can send a pregnant woman from normal to weeping in less than five seconds.

Adverts showcasing unwanted pets will require at least an entire box of tissues.

And there simply aren’t enough tissues in the world to mop up the tears caused by one women watching a Christmas advert showing an adorable child giving gifts to his loving parents on Christmas Day.

#2: Being Offered A Seat On Public Transport

The first few times you are offered a seat on public transport, you are likely going to find yourself fighting back the tears.

Partly because, all of a sudden, your pregnancy feels very real, and partly because a total stranger has made you realise that you probably look huge and uncomfortable.

When in reality, they are just being kind and caring. And you’d only ever admit to yourself that you are indeed feeling huge and uncomfortable and you REALLY want that seat dammit.

#3: Not Being Offered A Seat On Public Transport

There is nothing worse than try to balance on moving transport when you are a heavily pregnant woman in desperate need of a wee.

The good news is that the loud weeping will draw attention to you, which increases the chance of someone noticing your bump and offering you a seat.

#4: The Price Of Prams

Seriously, how much?!

#5: Being Asked If You’re Having Twins

Or whether you’re due any day now, or whether you’re having a very big baby.

Basically, anything that is a masked way of someone saying, “OMG, YOU’RE MASSIVE,” is probably going to leave you in tears.

It’s not just the hormones making you cry, it’s the thought of having to give birth to a giant baby, and the fact you’re simply not physically able to chase the asker down the street and hit them with your umbrella.

Here is a list of 10 more things you shouldn’t say to a pregnant woman.

#6: Stretch Marks

Four in five women end up with stretch marks during pregnancy, and most of these women will have at least a snivel about them.

Yes, they will fade, and no, they’re not the end of the world, but being confronted with stretch marks can be a bit of a shock (especially when you forked out a small fortune on an expensive body cream to avoid them).

#7: Baby Clothes

Impending motherhood feels all the more real when you are staring at a teeny tiny onesies adorned with an adorable giraffe pattern.

When you go to a department store, even if you’re supposed to be buying forks, you will inevitably find yourself wiping away tears in the baby clothes aisle.

Whenever a well-meaning friend or family member brings you some baby clothes, you will sob as you hold them in your hands. In those final few weeks, you will cry into the sink as you hand wash each of those adorable little baby vests.

You will then sob again as you fold them neatly into the brand yet wardrobe in the freshly painted nursery.

#8: Trying To Get Comfy

Nobody said pregnancy would be comfortable, and thank goodness they didn’t, or you’d probably be hunting them down to give them a piece of your mind at 3am.

Every. Morning.

You haven’t slept well for, oh, months, and you know that you won’t be able to sleep when the baby arrives. You spent most of your waking hours being told to ‘rest while you can’, and your entire night waddling to and from the toilet for another wee.

Your partner will probably be woken by your loud sobs at least once a night, as you battle with your bump for just one decent night of sleep.

#9: Being Served The Wrong Food

Heaven forbid the waiter who muddles up your food order, or the supermarket who fails to have the correct brand of peanut spread, or your husband who arrives home with the wrong type of chocolate biscuit.

Nothing can make a pregnant woman sob faster than a dissatisfied craving.

#10: Mama Moments

Anything that makes you feel like a mum will have you blubbering in seconds.

Setting up the cot, decorating the nursery, even signing for delivery of the pram is enough to have you howling about how real it all feels.

The first time you feel your baby kicks will be both amazing and terrifying in equal measure, and will probably have you in tears.

#11: Crying

Nine months is a long time, very long if you’re pregnant. You will definitely sob, at least once, because you are fed up of crying all the time during those long 40+ weeks.

Something else will set you off, and you’ll become immediately frustrated and end up wailing because you are so sick of crying all the time. Luckily (for them), the sound of you yowling will drown out the laughter of everyone stood in your vicinity.

#12: Not Having Any Clothes That Fit

At around 12-13 weeks of pregnancy, you hit an infuriating stage where your belly no longer fits into your normal clothes, and on top of that, you’re not big enough to fit into maternity clothes.

The worst bit is that people can’t even work out if you’re pregnant or just carrying a few extra kilos. Somebody call the waaaaaaambulance because this isn’t going to be pretty when you go clothes shopping.

In fact, the thought of going is just pretty darn depressing.

#13: Not Knowing What You Want To Eat

Another infuriating scenario is not being able to work out what you want to eat.

So many things make you feel nauseous or don’t sound the tiniest bit appetising, but you can’t work out one thing you actually feel like eating. One thing you can work out though, is how to sit on the sofa and sob, because it’s all too hard.

All you want to do is eat some nice food that tastes nice and you can actually enjoy it – is that too hard to ask?!

#14: Not Being In Labour Yet

Once your due date arrives, expect an onslaught of tears as you battle against the growing frustration that you are STILL pregnant.

You should pre-warn your loved ones that they are likely to find you sobbing in dark corners around the house as your ‘guess date’ passes (after all, only 2-5% of babies are born on that elusive due date).

With each new day, expect an increase in the amount of time you spend wailing.

Trying to distract yourself and get out for short daily walks is the best bet.

#15: Realising That You Are Actually In Labour

This. Just. Got. Real. You’re about to meet your baby!

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.


  1. Today I cried a lot coz I feel like I’m no longer in control of my life, like my pregnancy has affected my domestic life. I can’t do my house chores like I’m used to and my intimacy my my husband. I no longer feel him the way I used to but deep down I know I need him. at times I feel empty and lonely

  2. Crying because u dont know what to expect when 1st baby; bcoz u feel lonely, bcoz u miss ur mum, or bcoz ur mum gently said dont com home this wikN im not free, bcoz ur husband suddenly makes u feel lik ur an idiot n he knows everything abt babies..

  3. I’m a little over 15 weeks and have cried and cried the last two days. It’s awful. I cry so much I can’t breath and get sick. This is definitely not normal for me! I hope it goes away fast because it is ruining my relationship and I love him and need him.

  4. Crying is part of pregnancy. I am 24 weeks pregnant with my third son and I cry almost everyday.During the first trimester it was because of how much I feared a miscarriage (I had a large subchorionic hematoma),and during the second trimester I cry because I fear stillbirth and/or very premature labor as I have been hospitalized due to painful contractions .Thankfully the medication has stopped them and I hope with all my heart that my little boy arrives full term,alive and healthy.
    Fear for the baby is a major thing that makes pregnant women cry.

  5. I’m crying because I’m scared I won’t be a good mother and I’m also crying because I feel sick every night. I’m only ten weeks now.

  6. Or when people get all huffy with you because you have pregnancy brain but don’t look pregnant yet so they assume you’re just dumb

    1. Yes! This for sure, I’m a teacher and sometimes my brain blanks in front of the class. They have no clue I’m pregnant because I don’t feel sick and I’m not showing.
      They probably think I’m an idiot.

  7. Heartburn. Damn it that wears ya down. Constant bloody heartburn scorching my whole throat for the last 29 weeks. Antacids in every bag, in work, by the bed. And heartburn has decided what, how often, how much I can eat. It’s a buzz killer! (Although been prescribed Zantac, and it seems to be working!)

  8. I cry everytime I feel lonely. Everytime I’m home alone or anywhere alone. I’m in my first trimester so I also get scared that I’m going to have a miscarriage from stressing and that then stresses me more.

  9. I’am 39 weeks pregnant. Been feeling contractions, never experienced real real bad pain like this…Goes from abdomen to hips and in lower back, rather discomforting. Have been to labor & delivery because of it. I was told it was false labor. I feel so dumb because this is my 5th pregnancy, but like I said, I haven’t experienced this kind of pain with any of my others…I am just ready to get labor done an over with and meet my baby boy!!!

  10. I’m now 27 weeks pregnant. For the past week everyday I been crying because I just moved out my mother’s house and use to always be home and she would help me with any feeling or pain or fear that I would have with my pregnancy since it is my first. I miss her so much even though she is only 20 mins away it’s not the same when I am alone in the house.

  11. its my 9th month and i feel like crying all day long..and that too without any reason… i feel frustrated and lonely too…i dont like to talk to anyone…dont know what is happening but i fear this might harm my baby

  12. I’m 9 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend told me to leave his house today. I was crying too much and acting crazy in front of him. Now I’m back in my own house alone and scared and crying.

  13. Crying because you’re a first time mom and you feel like you’re being annoying with all the questions you’re asking.

  14. This article helped me but cry! Thank you! First time pregnancy and I get very emotional at night and don’t know how to deal with it yet. This article made me laugh because it’s very true! Thank you!

  15. Crying because everything is a mess in the house but yet I feel so tired to pick stuff up and have to watch my other two kids 7 and a 4 year old too and feel like I don’t have any help to do anything

  16. I am 30 weeks and 4 days today,and today was the first time I cried so much because I feel so frustrated,and my other 3 kids are out of control,and I feel alone even though my boyfriend is here with me…I’m just afraid is going to keep going and put stress on my baby. I am already at high risk with poly,so this emotional Rollercoaster is making me more nervous and stress…what can I do to calm down?

  17. I’m 8 weeks and I have been crying and puking all day because of how hard I have been crying because I wish I still had my family together and today the feeling of loneliness has taken over me and now I have to suck it up and goto work for 9 hours…when I have been crying every hour of this day so far idk how I am going to do it…

    1. It is very hard especially without your family around or someone to atleast help! I know what you feel a little bit, I’m gng through the same situation n I’m married but still feel alone although my hubby is sometimes helpful, he gets tired as well. I cry non stop and I’m scared as I’m not sure if this is harmful to my baby! Hope u feel little better! Pray and only God is who we need!

  18. I feel so emotional dont am i pregnant or nah coz if yes im on m 6 weeks now i notice that im crying a lot for no reason asking for a macs n husband say its midnight i cried few days from that husband left me after we having meal n i cried, offer him a hymn to sing n he said no i cried
    But now i read this article n its so true compare to myself

  19. Crying because trying to find a job is hard, getting fired from your previous because you told them that you’re pregnant. Teaching/adopting a puppy with no manners and that was neglected and abused and left in a desert. Home alone. Nothing fits me. Being only 20 and pregnant with your first baby. My family not liking my husband that I got kicked out. Stressed out about not having a job and wondering how am I going to make it with a new born.

  20. I cried before I knew I was pregnant (that should have been a sign) and now 6 weeks pregnant I’m just crying. No idea what for. Then I read this article and I cry more cos this is how I feel!

  21. Im always crying every time they scold me. I feel like I want to die… I’m 30weeks pregnant. Crying a lot makes me feel worthless.

  22. I cried lot today because i feel down sad about drlivery and had fight with my hubby. But feels ok having good cried out. Hubby doesnt know why m acting luke this neither i knew but after reading this article i find out its pregnancy playing so no need to worry just be positive. Tc

  23. Im 30 weeks.. i cry every day, alot. im super emotional, its something i feel like i have no control over.. then i start stressing out because i dont want it to affect my baby.. then suddendly when i feel her kicking i start to laugh nd smile.. seconds later im crying again because im scared of being a mom. scared of whats yet to come.. waking up, feeding it, changing diapers, what if im not a great mom, etc.. this post made me realize im not in it alone. goodluck to all you mommys to be.

  24. I’m crying because I feel like my S.O. doesn’t care. And when he apologizes it’s so cold. So I don’t believe him. No one in my family knows I’m pregnant yet. We had a m/c recently and we don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. I’m so sad and lonely. I hate that I can’t control my crying.

  25. I was left at mall by my fiancé he told me he’ll come fetch me after an hour yet he came after two hours I couldn’t hold it I just bust in to tears the main he got back to a point where by i was choking and I felt so sick afterwards he asked why am I crying I said I just felt like it…..h

  26. I’m 32 weeks and have been mostly angry being pregnant with my second child. Walmart was completely overwhelming yesterday while I had my four year old with me, I lost it in there, I came home and cried. This morning before my husband left for work I cried, I don’t even know why, was very upset over nothing yet everything. I know how you feel.

  27. Or crying because everyone’s giving you shit and telling you to deal with the pregnancy symptoms and yelled at for not doing your chores quickly.

    1. All people are treating me the same, They keep saying things like am lazy and i should just deal with everything but its so hard … so hard
      Am about to cry

  28. I cried uncontrollably last night to my husband because I haven’t been able to make a decent meal since 2 weeks pregnant. I have morning sickness ALL day and food cooking makes me queasy. He assured me it was ok but I still feel incomplete.

  29. At first I thought the uncontrollable crying was because I lost my dog (3 weeks before I fell pregnant), but I sometimes start crying for no reason. I’m only 5 weeks and while relieved that I’m not alone, I hope it will get better.

  30. I cry all the time. With my son I didn’t get emotional. This pregnancy is a different scenario. The other day I cried cuz my water wasn’t cold enough. I’ve caught myself crying while watching my favorite television shows. My hubby called me today and told me he’s excited and looking forward to becoming a daddy. Next thing I know I’m bawling big alligator tears. I’m 6w4d with baby #2. Happy crying and enjoy this special time. It won’t last forever, I promise. Good luck mommies!!

  31. Am 11 weeks gone and being crying lately especially because I can’t do much for my self by myself cos I feel sick and weak most of the time, in addition to the research work I am supposed to be carrying out and because I feel lonely most of the time.

  32. I cry if my husband doesn’t wait for me over food and all the more if he finishes my favorite food. Because I feel lonely all day staying home and that’s one of our few together times.

    I cried because my husband locked the bathroom door behind him going in, as soon as I got back after a long day (4 hours) out. So I had to wait a whole 30-40 min before I could wash and change and then had to head back out in an hour. I did the whole angry tears routine.

    I cried because I read a bit of poetry about being cheerful and pleasant despite facing upheavals and I think I fail at it.

    I cry at any reminder of my mother in law because she hasn’t talked to me for 2 months after shouting at me over something ridiculous (how dare I give a present to her aunt. She is her aunt. Not mine) and I fear she is poisoning my marriage and relationship which is very new.

  33. Thank you for this post and good luck to all the mummies… I hardly cry though but i do feel like it sometimes but i just fight it. Am 28weeks and the urge to cry is just getting worse.

  34. I cry alot and it makes me feel completely out of control! My hubby is wonderful and very understanding but I do get scared that he will finally get annoyed with me. I’m 20 weeks + 3.
    I cry because I’m lonely, because im scared something will happen to the baby, because there’s no cake in the house, because I nearly fell over …. the list goes on I think the best one was because I didn’t like the purple radishes I had bought specially for our salad!!
    Thank you for this article is has made me feel less like I’m losing my mind this morning and more able to be confident in my crazy crying and not feel like such a bad person after.

  35. Crying more and more! 25 weeks 3 Days. Crying because I’m home alone. Crying because I miss my mom who lives two hours away and I just need her to hug me. Crying because we are moving soon and it’s just not soon enough. Crying because I don’t want to spend time with all my in laws tonight. (We spent time with them last weekend) Crying because I just want to stay home and spend time with my husband. Crying because I’m so tired lol and I know I’m only going to get more tired. But also crying because baby is moving around like crazy and is healthy.

  36. I am 15 weeks pregnant today and I’ve been crying every day for three days for no reason at all. I listen to an ed Sheeran song I cry, I watch a movie about puppies I cry I sit there minding my own business and I cry. I feel like I have no control of my emotions I yelled at my sister in law for nothing than went home and cried lol not winning

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