Waxing During Pregnancy – Can You Wax While Pregnant?

Waxing During Pregnancy - Can You Wax While Pregnant?

Towards the end of my first pregnancy with my firstborn, it seemed that everyone else (who was also soon to give birth) was doing it. Those of us who didn’t were more than happy to sit back and put off any form of pain until labour arrived. We listened in awe at the bravery of those who dared to tackle the lure of the wax! But this pregnancy, if it wasn’t for my husband going overseas for two weeks and me being excited by the sheer surprise factor it would create on his return, I probably wouldn’t have done it this pregnancy either!

I’d been through labour. It couldn’t possibly be that bad, right? I became nervous as I pondered the thought – I even started to envisage the wax as a 15 minute appointment with a drug-free labour, but hoped for much better! I wonder if I screamed loud enough, they would let me have an epidural?

Just days before in an online discussion on waxing, I made it quite that I would never, ever get a bikini wax, due to hearing too many horror stories of bleeding, bruising and other eye-watering and leg-crossing injuries. It was just something I would absolutely not dare to contemplate. However, soon after (in a perhaps crazy and unpredictable pregnant state of mind), I began to think in a totally different light! I thought about how sick of regrowth from shaving or creams I was, which seemed to appear after what only seemed like a few hours. Not to mention the insane itchiness that puts even a flea-ridden dog to shame! Weeks of no regrowth or itching all of a sudden became very enticing. Of course not to mention the fact that hubby might enjoy coming home to a complete and utter surprise, especially after two weeks of being apart from each other. Fun. I’d changed my mind.

Is It Safe To Wax While Pregnant?

My obstetrician at the time assured me that waxing is perfectly safe while pregnant. So I was going to find out exactly what goes on in the waxing room, for the very first time.

Choosing A Salon To Get A Wax

I’d always been told by everyone and anyone to make sure you find a quality, reputable salon to have any waxing done, especially for the first time. “You don’t want one bad experience to put you off for life!,” they’d warn me. So I began searching the internet for information on waxing and came across an article which was featured in a Melbourne newspaper. It was all about how waxing was booming with society’s apparent quest for less and less bodily hair. They interviewed the man who brought the Brazilian Wax to Australia – he had his own salon right here in Melbourne. Bingo, here was my salon! I also felt some comfort in the fact that all they did at the salon was waxing, so they had to be really good at it, right? At least that’s what I was telling myself! I gave them a call to make an appointment.

Choosing Your Level of Wax – Brazilian or A Combination of X’s?

When I spoke to the receptionist, I explained I was a first timer considering a more daring wax – well if I was going to get one, I may as well make it noticeable. Perhaps a Brazilian if I could build up the courage!? She suggested starting with an ‘XX’ wax being a first timer, especially a pregnant one. I felt quite deflated at that point, I built up all my courage and bravery I never knew I had, to tell someone I wanted to wax off all of my hair – but they thought it would be too much for me! Never mind…

What All The Little ’X’s mean as far as a Wax Goes:

  • X – Bikini wax and clipping
  • XX – Bikini, clipping and bottom. Also known as g-string wax
  • XXX – Brazilian level. Bikini & labia
  • XXXX – Everything off!

So an ‘XX’ it was! Because I had mentioned I was pregnant, she said this was important as they normally use tea tree products after the wax. Tea tree is not used on pregnant women in order to prevent further irritability. She asked that I mention I was pregnant to the person waxing me too, so she knew not to use the tea tree products.

It was an anxious wait of nearly a week and it was time for my wax. My daughter came along too, however my sister was going to meet me there to watch her while I was being waxed. As my sister was running late, I experienced a rush of added performance anxiety when it was my turn to go in – I couldn’t scream at the top of my lungs now! Not in front of my two year old, who would probably learn a few new choice words and new ways of answering me back in a tantrum! Mind you, it was bad enough performance pressure since the 8 or so rooms already full with customers, totally peaceful and exuding no more than a hum of light, relaxed conversation. No screaming going on in there. I hoped to goodness that I wouldn’t be the one big wuss who they got every now and again and laugh about, the one that everyone else could hear all the way down the road, squealing over everyone else!

It was time. The lady waxing me was lovely and brought in a chair for my daughter. I was asked to take off all my bottom clothes – I knew it was coming, but still it set off the butterflies in a big way! I hopped up onto the bed. My daughter was sitting level with my head. I felt like I was at the obstetrician’s office, up there on a table with a big bright light between my legs!

The Waxing Process

The first thing that was done was all over clipping. They use clippers like a hairdresser would shave your head, only you get to keep your clipper head at a cost (which is disinfected and returned each time you come back) and you are given a cute little velvet bag to put it in. Don’t lose the clipper or forget it before coming in for a wax, or you will have to pay for another one if you want to get waxed. You can choose either a really short clip or a more natural, longer clip. I went short. After that, the waxing began!

There are two types of waxes the salon uses, strip wax and hot wax. Strip wax for the shaping (more around the bikini line) and the hot wax for the tougher, thicker spots. The hot wax works by tangling the hairs and pulling them out that way. She wisely and told me this after she’d finished using the hot wax!

The Vedict… My Wax

I was asked to pull my lower abdomen against the direction of waxing, so there was less pull and therefore less pain. The strip wax was very bearable and absolutely nowhere near as painful or even hot as I thought it would be. The hot wax was more ‘ouchy’ as it pulled a bit more, but again, not as painful as I expected. At least my daughter was having a good old laugh at me, watching these strange goings-on! She smiled and laughed the whole time, watching the wads of wax being pasted onto me, with sticks that look like tongue depressors.

We were almost done when my sister finally arrived and I was able to finish off in peace. This was a good thing and great timing on her part, as the most uneasy part was coming – the bottom wax (and I’m not talking bottom cheeks!). After doing some pretty impressive gymnastic moves I never thought I could manage at this stage of my pregnancy, it was done. I had a waxed bottom! How strange it all seemed, but I was glad to get it all done with none-the-less. I was then able to assess the damage while the waxer was doing something else for a tick – hmmm a nice, neat and very short landing strip, lots of red skin but no bleeding or bruising and I wasn’t at all itchy – HALLELUJAH!!!

The waxer then used a moisturiser on the waxed areas, explaining I would need to moisturise for a week and remember to exfoliate regularly to help prevent ingrown hairs. She finished up and let me get dressed.

After The Wax

I felt no pain afterwards. In fact, the worst feeling I experienced that day was like I had wet pants, with all that moisturiser lathered on! But on a more serious note, I did feel some differences within myself that I hadn’t felt before. I felt so clean, neat, tidy and well groomed – a strange feeling even though you couldn’t even see what I thought the best groomed bits of me were! I guess as a busy mother, it’s a nicer feeling because you often don’t get the time to do little things for yourself, especially when it comes to grooming and appearance.

For those who want to know about the excitement factor, I guess it does make me feel more sexy in some way, even though only I know my little secret! I find it a little strange now that my bits are so much more visible than before. Despite all we’ve been through together, my bits and I are not used to being so closely acquainted! In fact, writing this almost two weeks later, I still don’t feel 100% but I know I will get used to it. I think you either like the look of your own bits or your don’t!

All in all, I am so very glad I had the courage to go through with it. I still feel really wonderful, almost two weeks after going through with a wax, with no itching or regrowth – it all feels so baby smooth. I have booked in for 6 week appointments and can still expect a couple more weeks yet of no regrowth! It’s so exciting, it truly is!

As the waxer said to me, the first time is always going to be the worst it will get. With increased waxing, the hair will get weaker and waxing will be easier. Another advantage she mentioned on waxing for labour, which I hadn’t thought of, was with post-natal bleeding. I am sure it will be easier to manage this time.

So given it has been such a positive experience for me, I just might attempt the Brazilian a few months after the birth… but that’s a story for another day… and another time slot!

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  1. Friday, I just had my first full Brazillian (which I guess by your place’s standards would be a XXXX), and I absolutely love it!! Wish I had not waited this long in life to do it but I had let everyone’s horror stories scare me out of it numerous times! I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and my lady (who also does my eyebrows) and I had a long discussion about everything it would include at my last eyebrow appointment and I just finally bit the bullet and made the appointment. It was 3 weeks of torturous wait! But now that it is done, and was not anything like I had feared I’m going to have a standing 4 week appointment!

  2. Such a great read. I am 24 weeks pregnant and my friend has booked me in for my first wax this week. You’ve put my mind at ease.

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