Active Babies Smart Kids TV: A Free Online Video Series from Gymbaroo

Active Babies Smart Kids TV: A Free Online Video Series from Gymbaroo

Active Babies Smart Kids TV Review

Active Babies Smart Kids TV is a series of short, informative videos to help parents ensure their children get the best start possible.

The series was produced by GymbaROO, an Australian company in their 30th year of offering popular baby development classes to parents across Australia.

The videos (currently available in Australia and New Zealand only) allow parents to engage with their babies in ways that will encourage optimum development, entertainment and bonding, and which aim to continue the fantastic success of GymbaROO’s local classes.

Overview Of Active Babies Smart Kids TV

There are currently 12 video episodes in the Active Babies Smart Kids TV series, and each episode is 22 minutes long.

Each episode focuses on a different topic, such as tummy time, visual development or baby’s balance.

Each episode is filled with ideas of fun activities you can do with your baby to support his or her brain development.

What We Love About Active Babies Smart Kids TV

  • The videos are fun, informative and easy to understand. The purpose and importance of each activity is explained in the video, which gives parents more motivation for using the techniques. Each video shows parents and babies engaging in the activities being described, giving parents the chance to see exactly how to get the most from each activity.
  • The series is full of lots of great ideas of activities you can do with your baby at home, carrying on the great work of your local GymbaROO classes. For those who already attend the GymbaROO classes, these videos provide even more ways for you to incorporate GymbaROO methods at home.
  • Many of the props used in the videos are things you already may have lying around the house, making it easy and accessible for almost everyone. It’s a rare occurrence that you may not have some of the exact tools they use in the video, but if that’s the case, you should be able to find a suitable alternative without having to leave the comfort of your home.
  • Each video focuses on a different aspect of your baby’s development, allowing parents to easily choose which skill they want to work on. If you feel your baby could benefit from extra support with his balance, you can focus on the activities included in the balance episode.
  • Throughout each video is advice from renowned specialists including BellyBelly contributor Pinky McKay, as well as a dedicated segment of expert Q&A at the end of each episode. This allows parents to gain a more in-depth understanding of the topic from an expert’s perspective. The videos also address commonly asked questions, ensuring that parents aren’t left with any unanswered questions at the end of the episode.
  • The activities are fun, simple and quick, allowing any parent to engage with their baby in a beneficial and exciting way. These activities are, in part, designed to build confidence in new parents, and they definitely do!
  • Many of the activities featured focus on touch, eye contact and speech, meaning they are great for helping to develop strong bonds between you and your baby.
  • The videos are 22 minutes long, this is long enough to ensure you get enough information and plenty of ideas, but short enough that it can easily be slotted in to a new parent’s life.

Active Babies Smart Kids TV – Any Negatives?

Some of the activities use equipment that might not be available in your home, which may leave some parents feeling they need to spend money in order to replicate the video.

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to use exactly what they do in the video, you just need to be inspired by the activities, and can definitely use easy-to-find replacements you likely already have in your own home.

The videos are a great in addition to the GymbaROO classes, but one of the main reasons parents choose to attend GymbaROO’s local classes is for the social aspect, both for themselves and their babies.

If a parent chooses to use the videos instead of attending the classes, they might not get the experience of connecting with other parents and babies in a group environment. The videos are fantastic, but aren’t a substitute for the value of adult conversation and friendship, so make sure you use them alongside GymbaROO classes or other social activities.

Active Babies Smart Kids TV – Overall Thoughts

This series of free, informative videos are well worth a watch. They will give you plenty of ideas for activities, ways to connect with your baby while improving his or her brain development, as well as giving you easy to understand, science-based information on how your baby’s brain will develop.

For any parents who have been stumped for ideas of what to do on rainy days, during play dates, or when a mother’s group is cancelled, this series will make sure you always have something fun to do!

Active Babies Smart Kids TV – Want More Information?

Active Babies Smart Kids TV can be watched online free of charge. All you need to do, is register on their website and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the complete series at no cost. Click here to find out more. It may not stay free forever though, so make sure you register to reserve your spot!

Last Updated: November 5, 2017


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