The two weeks from ovulation until pregnancy test time is known as ‘the two week wait’. Share the daily ups and downs of our readers’ two week waits.

Two Week Wait Diary – Sharon

About Sharon I am a 31 year old stay at home mum. My name is -Froofy' in the Forums. I am engaged to Nigel, also 31…. Read More

About the Two Week Wait Diaries…

Share the daily ups and downs of a two week wait – the two weeks from ovulation until the approximate time it is possible to achieve an accurate result from a pregnancy test.

Two Week Wait Diary – Belinda

I knew a long time ago that I would need help to conceive as I have PCOS, but didn’t know it would take this long. We started with Clomid, then went to AIH and now to IVF.

Two Week Wait Diary – Julie

This is my third cycle on Clomid — I took 100mg from CD 2 — 6 — last cycle I also took 100mg and O'd on CD 14 — I had an internal ultrasound on CD 12 and had a 18mm follicle.

Two Week Wait Diary – Kelly

I only started charting the other day when I noticed some fertile CM, which was JUST enough time to pick up a temperature rise now, which may be ovulation.

Two Week Wait Diary – Kym

This TTC stuff is mind bending, one minute I’m thinking yeh this is it, it has to be this month, then I’m thinking no don’t be silly it’s definitely not this month so just get over it.

Michelle’s Two Week Wait Diary

My health is not without it’s problems, I have Endometriosis and was diagnosed with PCOS in April 2003 due to high testosterone and borderline diabetes.

Rachael's Two Week Wait Diary

We go see a Dr here because my Aunt filled me in on all the genetic disorders in our family and suggests we get tests taken to see what our risks are.