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I've been trying to conceive since November 2002 and I’m on my third cycle of Clomid (I have PCOS).

Saturday, 10th January, 2004 – CD17

Well I think I may have o'd yesterday. This is my third cycle on Clomid — I took 100mg from CD 2 — 6 — last cycle I also took 100mg and O'd on CD 14 — I had an internal ultrasound on CD 12 and had a 18mm follicle. This cycle my gyno was still on holidays so no ultrasound.

I have been TTC for 14 months now (started November 2002) and got diagnosed with PCOS in May 2003. So I am also on 1500mg of metformin. I say I think I may have o'd because my temp rose above my normal pre-ovulation temps today. Not a significant rise, but similar to last month (about .01). The 2WW isn't too bad so far, as I'm not even sure if I'm there yet (I am about 95% sure I did O yesterday but). Hopefully this 2ww I'll be a lot calmer then last cycle. All I did last cycle was search the net etc. for how early to test (I tested CD 9 and got a BFN) and scrutinize my body for early symptoms.

Monday, 11th January, 2004 – 2DPO

2 days past ovulation today. And I’m at work. Today has been pretty good – I’ve looked at my chart about 10 times and compared it to last cycle and at present they are identical – I refuse to obsess this cycle. My nipples are a little tender – but they were last cycle too. And I won’t double check every time I wipe for implantation spotting.

Tuesday, 12th January, 2004 – 3DPO

Another million looks at my chart today – so far it’s identical still to last cycle – at this rate I’m wondering why – still no signs of being pregnant and I’m not getting my hopes up at all this cycle. Last cycle my temp dropped below my coverline on 10DPO (my LP is usually only 12 days) – so the wait to see if I’m pregnant is almost half way there!

Wednesday, 13th January, 2004 – 4DPO

Woah a huge temp jump – .02 from yesterday’s temp – now my chart doesn’t look the same as last cycle – in fact my temp never got this high last cycle (highest temp last cycle was 36.6 and today’s was 36.7) – I’m hoping this means good things for me but I know at 4DPO the egg (if it is fertilized) could even have been implanting yet.

Thursday, 14th January, 2004 – 5DPO

I really don’t think this month is it. I am a lot calmer then last cycle – this time last cycle I was researching how soon to take a HPT! My chart still looks good – but then again it looked good last cycle too. Still even though I don’t think this is my month I am trying to eat healthy and avoid alcohol and diet soft drinks etc.

Friday, 16th January, 2004 – 6DPO

Mmm another temp jump today. I have posted my chart to all the forums I regularly go to and all think my chart looks very good – but I’m not getting my hopes up. I don’t know what could make this month any different to last month. But my chart is very very different and my temps are a lot higher then last month.

Not feeling very friendly today – a work colleague announced she was pregnant today. I nearly cried – I am happy for her, but sad for me – I’ve been trying for 14 months and can’t get it right, but she can after only trying for 3 months – why me!

Saturday, 17th January, 2004 – 7DPO

Today I’m still a little upset from yesterday with the big announcement at work. I’m going to do something that I couldn’t do if I was pregnant or had kids tonight and that’s play the pokies.

Sunday, 18th January, 2004 – 8DPO

Well today is the big temp drop – as with last cycle – I now know this isn’t my month. I had a bit of a cry this afternoon while Brett went to work. He doesn’t understand how this affects me. I knew this wasn’t my month but still got very upset with the temp jump. I can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel at present.

Monday, 19th January , 2004 – 9DPO

Very strange – my temp went back up today slightly. I also feel a bit queasy and have a headache. I had one yesterday too. Now I’m starting to wonder if maybe this is it. I am not going to test but – not till at least 13dpo – as af is due then.

Tuesday, 20th January, 2004 – 10DPO

Mmmm I still feel a bit queasy today – and my temp went back up again. The girls on the forums on Wedding Channel have convinced me to test when I get home from work. When I got home I tried to sneak into the bathroom (I had been holding my pee for 4 hours so I was busting) to test without my husband knowing – finally he left me alone and I got to pee on the stick. Nothing came up for ages so I thought typical negative – then a very very faint line started appearing! I put the test strip into a card I have made Brett a month or so ago saying – Guess who is going to be a Dad. I gave it to him and he goes are you? I go yep – he goes but I thought you wouldn’t know till the end of the week. I said I know – I tested early. I’m pregnant!

Wednesday, 21st January, 2004 – 11DPO

Took another test this morning and it took ages to come up but there is another line there! I told Cathy at work today, but nobody else! There are now three preggos at work – all due September, October (we only have a small office of approximately 10 staff). I bought some Crystal Clear Tests today.

Thursday, 22nd January, 2004 – 12DPO

Did the Crystal Clear test today – took a while to come up but there is definitely a line! Brett saw it before me. I am pregnant! At last after 14 months of trying – Clomid is a miracle drug.



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