Julie Bell – Yarra Valley Birth Support

Julie Bell – Yarra Valley Birth Support

Julie’s journey of discovery began while observing the standard treatment of birthing women in hospitals wards as a student nurse in New Zealand. During her training, which was considered progressive and holistic at the time, she was taught how the anatomical parts of the body function to cause a baby to be born, and about the interventions, and the scientific rationales for those interventions, that staff do to birthing women.

It was only when Julie began researching in preparation for her own births that she discovered a whole range of knowledge that had been overlooked during her training: what women do themselves, for themselves, by themselves to birth their own babies.

This led to Julie choosing to give birth to her first baby at home in Ireland, having found a skilled home birth midwife to attend. The hands-off, quietly present care of this midwife who told her ‘women instinctively know what to do’ set the standard for empathetic, respectful care of birthing women for Julie. As a 30 year old first-time mother, she laboured for 24-hours in and out of a home-made birth pool before her daughter was finally born in front of an open fire.

Since then, Julie has had two more daughters, also born at home. Well; that’s not strictly correct. One was a home birth in New Zealand and the other was more of a ‘home away from home birth’! The baby was born in a shopping mall. Unusual setting, but once again, caring support from the people with her made even this birth a special experience.

Julie is inspired by the innate strength and wisdom that women employ during pregnancy, birth and mothering, and feels it is an honour to accompany women and their loved ones in their unique journey. Julie has experience supporting hospital births, birth centre births and ceasarian births as well as homebirths.

Attendant’s Charges

  • Birth Support Package: $800 (4 pre-natal visits, labour & birth support, 2 post-natal visits)
  • Just the Birth: $650 (1 pre-natal visit plus labour & birth support)
  • Sleep Over – allowing you that precious night’s sleep: $150
  • Additional post-natal support: $20 per hour

Julie’s services include pre-conception care and TTC support; lending library of books, articles and DVDs; massage & relaxation; birth story & photography; breast-feeding support & resources.

Talk to us about your unique needs. Concessions available.

Dates Julie Is Unavailable

  • December 2007 – January 2008

Julie’s partner at Yarra Valley Birth Support is available as Back-Up Doula.


“Julie was a huge help and encouragement during my pregnancy and labour. Julie supported me in my decision to go through labour without medication and as a result, the experience of really finding the inner strength to manage the pain was invaluable. She was a talented Doula and an incredible blessing. She was thinking of me and focused on me the entire time. She was compassionate and tender at the times I needed it. And she really knew her stuff. I knew she could be trusted. I appreciated her being there, more than anyone could imagine. Definitely, definitely have a Doula.”

– Renae, 2004

“Everything about the services Julie provided was outstanding. Her dedication shone through and she made our first time experience a very positive and rewarding one. We would do it all again!”

– Sally, 2006

“After meeting Julie Bell, my expectations of birth radically changed from fear to strength & determination. Her support and friendship has been invaluable, her wisdom and knowledge outstanding. Julie came into my life and helped make some amazing changes. Her tireless support was invaluable and will never be forgotten by me. She is a wonderful woman with such an amazing spirit. Her wisdom, kindness, love and friendship made birth for me an absolute honour. Julie helped amazingly to facilitate a wonderful birth experience for me and my baby.”

– Janine, 2007

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