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Verified Advice Delivered To You Exactly When You Need It  
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New Born
Newborn Essentials:
  • ​Baby basics: learn about baby sleep (or lack of!), crying and baby cues to help understand what your baby needs. 
  • How to deal with sleep deprivation, cluster feeding, and fatigue  
  • From baby poo to how many feeds per day your baby needs, you'll learn what's normal for a baby and what's not.

Baby Growth
Baby Growth, Stages & Fussiness:
  • ​Includes reminders of the 'Wonder Weeks' so you know when your baby will be more clingy, cranky and crying than usual.
  • Discover the underlying causes to your baby's behavioural changes, and how to make life easier during these times
  • ​Tips for successful breastfeeding, optimal pumping, as well as connected formula feeding. 
Parenting Skills:
  • ​How to cope with parenting challenges and the importance of self-care 
  • Learn and become empowered about what is best for your own, unique baby
  • ​Reach 12 months of age feeling like you truly understood your baby and gave him or her the very best. 
Each week of your baby's life brings new unknowns. Unknowns which you won’t understand unless you’re prepared with the right information at the right time.
The problem is, many parents get bombarded with advice, and end up overwhelmed after Googling for answers too. 

As a result, they can end up feeling like they're not measuring up or failing their baby, when it's far from the truth. 

We focus on what new parents really need, so they can truly feel like they're doing a great job. 

So many parents tell us BellyBelly's Baby Week By Week significantly helped them.

Cassie wrote:

"I'm so sad I won’t have any more week by week articles to read from you for my son! 

They've been a huge help for my husband and I to understand our little man as he’s grown through his first year. 

Thank you for providing this website full of information that actually helps and makes a difference with a baby (as opposed to what else is out there). 

Don’t ever stop, the world needs this out there for all us mamas, whether first time or not. I wish I could give you a big hug in thanks!"

Becky wrote:

"Thank you for this site! 

I have loved my weekly check-ins, and as a first time parent your articles helped me through so much. 

I looked at other baby development sites but always came back to yours because the amount of detail, knowledge, and care far surpasses the rest. 

My daughter is turning 1 and I wish I had more of your guidance for the next few months! Thanks!"
Each week we’ve specifically planned the essential things you must know to be fully prepared and to understand your baby as he or she grows and changes.
BellyBelly’s resources contain information from qualified professionals, including midwives, lactation consultants and doctors. We take great lengths to ensure you're getting the most well researched and highest quality baby information anywhere on the web. 
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Being a new parent isn’t easy. But with the right information at the right time, it can be a rewarding and transformative experience that brings you closer to your partner and family. 
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