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The BellyBelly Pregnancy Week By Week Email will keep you informed with a weekly email digest including :
First Trimester Essentials:
  •  Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally 
  • How to deal with hormonal changes, morning sickness, and fatigue  
  • Cravings & diet change essentials
Second Trimester Essentials:
  •  Ultrasound & other diagnostic must knows
  • The best ways to keep active as your bump grows
  •  Understand your baby's kicks and other behaviour
Third Trimester Essentials:
  •  How to deal with aches & pains of the last trimester 
  • What are the significant body changes to expect as your baby gains weight
  •  How to choose the type of birth you want, writing a birth plan, and other essential preparations for the birth 
Each week of your pregnancy brings new unknowns, changes to your body, and signals coming from your baby that you won’t understand unless you’re prepared with the right information at the right time.
The problem is, many mothers-to-be get burnt out trying to read so much at once, and quality information isn’t on hand as they need it. 

What does it mean if there’s blood during week 5? 

If a baby kicks infrequently, what should you do? 

If you're getting terrible mood swings at week 25, is that normal?

Your partner and community around you can also get freaked out if they don’t know what to expect, and stress levels at home can go up for everyone unnecessarily. 

To make thing worse, pregnancy advice on the Internet is often inconsistent at best, or just plain wrong at the worst.
This is why we’ve specifically planned the essential things you must know to be fully prepared at each week of your pregnancy, to understand your body as it changes, and to communicate and prepare your communtiy around you powerfully.
BellyBelly’s resources are written by and/or recommended by midwives, doctors, lactation consultants, birth educators, doulas and other health care professionals. We take great lengths to ensure you're getting the most well researched, highest quality and accessible pregnancy information... anywhere on the web. 
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Pregnancy isn’t easy. But with the right information at the right time, it can be a rewarding and transformative experience that brings you closer to your partner and family. 
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