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Thread: hi guys its sem79

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    Default hi guys its sem79

    hi guys i was mentioning in my other topic about the situation that we where going through trying to have a baby and we are still trying like they say good things happen to those who wait.

    well anyways we decided to adopt a child its my brothers and his girlfriends baby but because they already have a daughter looking after two was a handful for them at a very young age and because they new that we where trying for one they decided to have this baby for us which is very nice of them to do something like that not everyone can do it.

    but yes her name is hannah and she was born on the 5 december 2005 and she is now about 3 weeks old we love her very dearly and its like a wish come true for us.

    well now its so great to feel and see what its like to be a mother and a father its the most wonderful thing that u could feel.

    thanks sem79 \/

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    Wow, what an amazing gift. You're right, it's not something everyone could do. Congratulations on your baby girl! How is your brother and his gf coping with the whole situation? Good luck, this is truly a blessing in your life.

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