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Thread: PLEASE Help, information needed about Permanent Care?

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    Default PLEASE Help, information needed about Permanent Care?

    Currently my 4 year old nieces are in Foster Care. DHS is asking the court for a permanent care order for the girls, as they beleive there is no chance of my bother ever re-uniting with the girls. What rights do I have as a family member being their closet aunty having access with the girls if they happen to go into permanent care? I have heard they only allow 4-6 visits a year? I beleive this is not good enough for me and the girls, they have always been at family functions and around the family, they have become very close to my daughter who is 2 and they see her like a little sister, and the foster parents always tell me how much the talk about us and how they cry for us at times, they keeping saying "we miss summer". When an inccident happened while the girls were in my borthers care they were removed and DHS was contacted and they asked me if they could come and stay with me until a foster family was found, so they did and I ended up having them for a total of 4 months this year, DHS found a Foster Family and I was the one who had to drop them off at the foster parents home and that was hard for me but I had to be strong for the girls. I asked that I have the girls on a weekend once a month, since then I have become quite attached and because I have such a good contact with their foster parents, I call, I email, I send messages and so does the Foster Carer keeping me updated about the girls.! I feel that if they go into permanent care that I wont have the closeness/bond with the girls as much as I do now. Is there anything I can do??? The girls need me in their lifes and I need them.

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    depends what state your in every state differs

    you could apply for relative carer and take the kids on yourself...
    as for visitation that is something you would have to ask the case worker but generally permanent care means the child is under a order till 18 doesn't mean visits etc stop

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    summerlove2 - if you are in touch with the girls fostercare caseworker, talk to them. Get them to put you in touch with the DHS allocated caseworker, this is who you need to speak with. Contact with family will be able to be put in the PC order. Contact with birth families is important and it is something that is recognised highly by the department. Good Luck, keep us posted how you go. The more experiences that are shared help when others are searching for information and what to do in similar situations.

    ETA - If you cannot get the DHS caseworker info, this is the DHS department you need to contact:
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