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    So ive been studying my BA in criminology and criminal justice.
    So i did 6 units last year, mind u i had just had andy and ive never done uni before and i found it hard, but this time im going awesome ive passed two and im hoping these two to pass aswell....But,

    Fee help says they wont cover me anymore cause they only cover 8 units......and you have to keep it at 50%. Im so annoyed im finally feeling highly confident and enjoying my courses and now this......i gotta write to my UNI and ask for special circumstances, to get my N's changed to W's

    Just the end i neeed to an already crappy week

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    That really sucks! Also, not good of the Uni not to inform you earlier last year so that you could have dropped one or 2 before the cut off date. Would have taken longer, but you would have been able to cope better with a bub and study, and at least then would have been able to finish it.
    Goodluck with the uni.

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