OK so NEIS is the New Interprise Incentive Scheme, offered to eligible people on income support that would like to start their own business. It's pretty fabulous, providing all sorts of help, mentor support and advice and best of all a basic income for the first 12 months of operation, regardless of how much you earn.

So, JIC you were thinking of applying, I've just found out the are changing the rules of eligibility so the business has to be in a skills shortage field.
Which IMHO is totally fricken STUPID, considering most of the success stories (85%) are in niche fields, and of course thats exactly the field I am going for so its peeved me no end.

The changes start in July, so either get on to it now - or change your business plan to reflect this

GGrrrrr, I'm off to an info session tomorrow. I was going to do it in August but I wouldn't get in AT ALL. Its pretty competitive anyway but this

Now I'm going to have to do it alot earlier than I planned.....change everything about.....hurry up and finish my research....GRREasahdkahfojafioauerfdsf.