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Thread: Bonnie Babes Grief Counselling Training Courses 2008

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    Default Bonnie Babes Grief Counselling Training Courses 2008

    Grief Counsellor Training

    The Bonnie Babes Foundation's grief counselling services are provided by professionally trained and caring individuals. Although it is not a prerequisite for counselling, many of our counsellors have suffered the unfortunate loss of a baby, and therefore have a first-hand appreciation of the experience.

    The Bonnie Babes Foundation Grief Counselling Certificate training for peer support counsellors is presented over two days. It equips peer support counsellors with the ability to listen to and validate effectively the grief of an individual experiencing a pregnancy loss through miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth.

    Grief Counsellors learn strategies to help individuals in their journey through the grief process and counsellors are encouraged to recognise and work within their level of expertise.

    Counsellors are offered follow up supervision and support from our honorary Psychologist Dr Diane McGreal (Dip. Teach, BA Grad. Dip. Clin.Hypn, MAPs, MASH Psychologist, MedPsych) and other experienced counsellors.

    If you would like to join our caring team of dedicated counsellors, please contact the Foundation by telephoning (03) 9803 1800, fax on (03) 9803 2699 or [email protected]

    Grief Counselling Training Courses 2008

    The upcoming dates for the 2008 Grief Counselling Training Courses are:

    MAY 2008
    10th and 11th: Canberra, ACT

    JUNE 2008
    14th and 15th: Perth, Western Australia

    September 2008
    6th and 7th: Melbourne, Victoria

    Please ring (03) 9803 1800 or email [email protected] for course information details and registration forms.
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    its a shame these type of things aren't available in more regional areas

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