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Thread: Can you apply for a course at Uni before doing a STAT?

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    Default Can you apply for a course at Uni before doing a STAT?

    And do the STAT results automatically get sent to the Uni once they are calculated?
    Or am I wayyy off the mark with how all this works?

    I've never been to University so I'm having a hard time understanding the application process :S

    I finished High School in '03, but due to influences back then (being a teen, boyfriends etc) I got a really horrible AND embarrassing ENTER of about 53 :S

    Since then, I've grown up, done a dual Diploma at TAFE and also a finance certificate which I've done extremely well in and have been working in Accounting since... At TAFE I got all High Distinctions and not a grade less then 90% and mostly 100% results for tests etc. Will these grades be taken into consideration apart from my shocking ENTER when I was a teen? Is this what the GPA does (averages out all your results?) I wish I listened to my parents when I was in High School, it would be so much easier now.

    I'm overly stressed about the STAT mostly!

    I want to get into Uni and I am so dedicated. It would suck if I didn't get through

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    Depending on the Uni, you may not even need the STAT tests to apply and be accepted. If you can prove to them that you have an aptitude for study and committment via previous tertiary study and work, then they will take all that into account. I didn't need a STAT score to apply for my chosen degree.

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    yep!! you apply to uni, then depending on the course you want to get into depends on whether you have to do the STAT. i applied at uni but didnt know that due to previous courses i had done, i didnt need to sit the STAT but did anyway. i didnt find this out until well afterwards lol. good luck!

    also try calling up the uni and talk to someone in the school that you want to study in and ask them. they should be able to help you out!

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