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Thread: Good Choice??

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    Default Good Choice??

    I think i have finally decided what im going to study!!

    Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Labour and Infancy.......What do you think?

    I have been going to a baby massage class with DS and now that he is used to having his clothes off he loves it and its a really special time for the two of us. So at first that was what i decided i wanted to do but when i had a look at TED website i came across this and thought "Yep thats it, thats what i want" and the massage is involved for both the pregnant women and baby.

    Do you think it is a good idea?
    Has anyone done this or something similar before?
    What opportunites will come from this?

    I have also emailed for an information package to be sent out.

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    I think the only thing you need to think about it how likely will it be the you will be able to use your skills in the area that you live? Are people open to that kind of alternative therapy (not that its actually that alternative, but i hope you know what I mean).

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    I think its a great idea! As Alisia said, what you have chosen is quite a narrow field, have you thought about doing general massage and aromatherapy and then specialising later, as you can then pick up other work too?! Good luck with it - how exciting!

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