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Thread: Help/advice!! Don't know how it all works!

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    Default Help/advice!! Don't know how it all works!

    For the last couple of years, I've been dead-set on starting uni next year (STEPS course) with the aim of studying midwifery. I can't make ANY sense of how the whole thing runs as far as doing practical assessments/hands-on hours at hospitals etc, I live in a regional area and while my local university offers nursing and post-graduate Diploma of Midwifery (which I think is what I have to do?), I don't know if I'll be able to do the courses if I'm forced to travel to Mackay or other big cities to do practical training, itms

    Who do I talk to about what the courses entail as far as placements etc?? Can I call the university directly and talk to someone, is there some kind of 'career counsellor' who can tell me what will have to be done to complete the courses so I can determine whether I'm able to apply??

    Ugh, this is so confusing, I'm so disappointed... I really want to be a midwife but if the nursing and Dip courses require me to travel such large distances to do the hands-on stuff then it's just not a possibility Any advice is very welcome and much appreciated. TIA.

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    I'm pretty sure if you call the uni and explain to the receptionist what you are after they will put you through to someone who can help. Or look at the website, there will be someone you can email with all your questions; you won't be the first to have asked them and to be starting from scratch.
    I would wait til after school holls to ask, though (although my distance ed subject started this week, so who knows?)
    Good luck x

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    September is generally the time for Open Days. Does the Uni you're looking at have any info on their home page in relation to their Open Day?

    Option 2, call and ask to speak to the Head of the Department. Sometimes you'll get their PA first and if you get a good one, they'll be able to offer some advice &/or suggestions who you need to speak to.

    Hope everything works out for you

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