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    If you want to know rough times for placements etc, try to access the current info for the degree - they are usually at the same time every year. Talk to other students at the Uni doing the degree so they can get you "inside info".
    It depends on which Uni you are studying at as to when you first get into the hospital setting - and again, this changes somewhat regularly considering the course structure changes every 3 years.

    Sam - I knew you'd understand To be fair to nursing, Onc Pall is a pretty depressing area to work in (no offense to those in that area) and is pretty rough to work in as a first clinical. BUT, it does give people a realistic view of some of the less than pleasant areas of caring for someone. There are too many people who go into nursing, mid, and med with such romantic and unrealistic views (thanks to wonderful shows like All Saints and ER!). That's why there are such huge drop out rates after the first clinical.

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    Lol so they like to test us do they?

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    I am in my first year of a nursing degree done by distance - I got in based on my year 12 results and the fact that I have done a Bachelor of Arts. I do want to go into midwifery down the track, but I didn't start nursing with the express intention of getting into midwifery - If I only wanted to do mid I would have applied to one of the local unis for their bachelor of mid. I am thinking in a few years (I am only going part time atm) I will apply to transfer to a double degree, Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Midwifery at QUT in Brisbane. I like the idea of having more than one qualification - gives me more options and broadens my horizons.

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