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Thread: i want to study but . . .

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    Question i want to study but . . .

    I don't know where to start?

    I'm turning 19 on 2/7 this year and i want to study (next year probably), well, something lol.

    My idea is to do mature age TEE next year and then do midwifery after that (how original, eh! hehe). The thing is, would I even be old enough to do mature age TEE next year? Some sites say you need to be at least 20 and others say you need to be 19, so I am tres confused.

    This is only applicable in West Aus btw so I don't know if anyone can give me a clear answer? Is there a different way for me to get into uni besides mature age TEE? I only did up to year 10 in high school.

    Thanks <333

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    I'm assuming the TEE is a year 12 equivalent?

    If so, Id really recommend you do it. It will reinroduce you back to the world of study before you hit the big time. Especially if you will be going with such a strong science based course. Chemistry and Biological sciences will feature mainly and you must be equipped for it.

    I did a bridging course in Chemistry (grudgingly, I just wanted to get on with it!) and very glad I did. I would never had done so well (90% average!!!!! I just really wanted to tell everyone ) in high school, there was no motivation then.

    Good luck!

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    TEE is the Tertiary Entrance Examination, it's like the HSC and such.

    I *thought* that mature age TEE only had 2 subjects, but then I read that you're just marked on 2 subjects so I don't know anymore? But either way, if I can do it next year I will, I just hope I'm old enough. I could take the entrance test at whatever Uni I apply for but since I only did year 10 and that was a few years ago anyway, I doubt i'd pass.

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    I got this from the University of Western Australia website...

    To be eligible to start the Mature-age TEE you'll need to be 19 years or over on 1 March of that year (which means you'll be 20 by 1 March in the year you enter university).
    The University of Western Australia - Future Students > Mature age entry

    Which means you would be eligible to start the TEE next year, as you'll be 19 turning 20 mid-year, and you'll be 20 by the time you start uni... does that make sense?

    Hope this helps, and you are able to get in for next year

    ETA: I also read there is a "Full TEE" and a "Mature age TEE" and the Full TEE is based on at least 4 subjects (one MUST be English), and the mature age on is based on 2, plus you have to doo the STAT...

    Have you called the student services centre at the uni you'd be studying at? They can give you some advice on your pathways and what would be best for you. Also, check out the TISC website... there is an information booklet on the subjects and about the mature age TEE and the TER under "University Admissions" and "Admission Requirements: Mature Age"
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