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    Need some advise...

    Hey Everyone,

    I need some advise if your all willing to share

    I'm currently in first year at Uni doing a B Teaching/B Arts degree majoring in Primary Teaching. I thought it was what I wanted to do, and it fit in around school hours for my daughter. Recently I've been spending a bit of time at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney. My sister just had a baby girl 4 weeks premmie and has been in special care since birth. I've been helping out and have been so awestruck at the wonderful things that midwives do. Plus when I had my own daughter, the midwife that delivered her was my lifesaver and I am forever grateful for everything she did.

    I don't know if Teaching is where I really want to be. Now that you can do a midwife degree without the nursing degree, its even more appealing as I've never been very interested in the other facets of nursing.

    My dilemma is, it took great amounts of convincing my husband to be able to leave my job and become a single income family while I go to Uni full time. While we are not desperately struggling, we are very tight on cash, and If I tell him I want to change now, I'm not sure how accommodating he will be.

    OK, the long winded point of my story is, am I loving the idea of midwifery, or do I really want to be there doing it. Any midwives out there, can you give me some insight of what it is really like? Anyone out there have any advise on possibly breaking the news to my husband? I'm really in a pickle here.

    Sorry this is soooo long, any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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    Hi Suzie,

    I honestly feel if your heart is in it then go for it hun, I think the most imporstant thing is to do the course that best suits what you want out of it, I guess at the end of the day only you know if its right or not, I see that you are only in your first year, so its not like you have done almost 3 years and changed your mind, so perhaps your hubby wont be as upset as you think he may be,

    I always find that making suggestions rather than just coming out with it in one big hit works better with my DH LOL its taken me ages to work out what I want to do with my life career wise and I have changed my mind so many times prior to this decission becuase my heart has never really ben in it, and I think my DH knows this as he is actually being very supportive which sadly suprised me hehe,

    I hope you work it out and good luck with it all