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Thread: Should I, Could I?

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    Lulu, my sister returned to FT uni study after being a single SAHM for awhile, and she was able to access some return to study schemes (one was called the JET scheme) through ?Centerlink - anyway there were additional payments available through the system over and above plain old Austudy - worth researching. Ring your state women's information line and they might be able to put you in touch with some local study assistance schemes. No doubt it will be difficult financially, but the longer you put it off the more your own resources will be drained. Think of it as improving your life in the medium term (that's how my sis and I both completed our study - keeping an eye on the prize)!

    Also think laterally about abundance and income. Do you have a room in your home that you rent out to another (mature aged) student for some additional income?

    Also, do you actually have to sit a STAT test - haven't you already done some undergrad may be able to apply on the strength of the study you have already done and don't forget to apply for transfer of credit for any skerrick that you can (including all the experience you have had working with your dad). I'm sure he'll have some ideas on how to help with your application.

    Good luck, if you decide to go down this road - a long one but worthwhile on many levels!

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    Hi Lulu,

    Instead of studying myself (I'll get back to it in a minute!!!!) I thought I'd help in your decision to study (LOL!).

    If you want to be a psychologist, you're motivated about studying, you have some background knowledge about the industry already, and you have your dad to give you a helping hand if you need it..... I reckon go for it!

    Ok, the money side of things..... Appyling for a scholarship... first of all, Lulu, don't be proud when you're filling in the applications. You need to show them that you won't be able to study without this scholarship, so don't leaev out things that you think are too personal, because thats the kind of thing they need to know...

    The first scholarship I can tell you about is the Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship, which is $1080 a semester, and is ongoing for 4 years (or longer I think under certain circumstances). The individual unis are responsible for this even though the government pays it. Basically the requirements are that you are eligilble for Centrelink/Family Assitance payments, and have a HCC which just prooves to them that you are low income. Another requirement is that you study fulltime (at least 75% of a normal courseload) UNLESS you have other reasons not to (i.e. caring for your kids etc).

    Maybe uni's have scholarships for mums returning to study, or womans schlaorships, and a lot have textbook scholarship programs. Check the websites or email their scholarship or student services/counselling department. Also, look up and see if they have awards for high results (some uni's offer textbook/bookshop bursaries for getting high results... a great motivation to study too!).

    Centrelink have a returning to work/study scheme which you might already know about, the Pensioner Education Supplement... Dunno if you're eligible, and its not really much, but every little bit counts.

    I am studying 100% full-time, and at my uni it is four courses... 75% is also classed as full-time (3 courses). The time is usually about 4 contact hours per course per week, and to pass probably at least 10 hours of study outside uni per course per week.

    Definately not a pipe dream! I have met mums galore in my first week at uni already, I seem to be a mum magnet right now LOL and they'll say yes its tough, you live very basically, and theres always something that needs doing with home, work or uni..... but in the end it'll be worth it... I don't think theres much else to say but that...

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