thread: Studying Child Care, options, opinions

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    Studying Child Care, options, opinions

    I am looking at studying child care when our new baby is around 1 and i was wondering what the options are for studying this course. I have researched it a bit and found that there is a cert 3 and a diploma, what is the difference and what is each used for? Also can you do the diploma without doing the cert 3? I was also wondering about the study from home options, has anyone done them and how are they viewed (e.g will i be viewed better if i study it through a tafe etc etc)

    Thanks for your replies.

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    Its great that you are thinking of studying your child care certificate. I did my cert III in childrens services via a traineeship using a company called The Gowrie. I am now doing my diploma in Childrens services via corresponance using ECTARC which is based in NSW.
    Most training companies will require you to have your cert 3 before you can do a diploama but ECTARC used to do one which is combined. If you have a diploma you are qualified to be a room leader and are generally more employable the someone who has their cert 3 only.

    If your motivated and can manage your time well, study from home is a great option how ever you will need to be able to get into a centre (usually with out being paid) to get your experience and competencies signed off by a qualified worker.

    I hope this helps.

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    Most places require you to have your Cert III before you study the Diploma because there are pre-requisite subjects you need to have covered before you can study the Diploma (of the Cert III subjects only 3 or 4 aen't pre-reqs). Some places allow you to enrol in the Diploma and study the pre-requisites before you get into the Diploma subjects, but you may as well study the Cert III since you'll have to pay for it and will only be a few subjects short anyway. You may as well be Cert III qualified and studying your Diploma, rather that

    The different is: Cert III you can work as an Assistant. Studying or completed your Diploma you can work as an Assistant, or a Group Leader (but only if you have your Cert III completed though).

    Oh, and I have found TAFE much cheaper to study through than private companies.
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