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Thread: What, when & how?

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    Question What, when & how?

    So DD2 is 6mths old, she wont take EBM at the moment BUT once i can get her onto it i would really like to go back and do some study, i know it wont be easy with 2 kids and DP working basically 7 days a week but i need to do something, i need to contribute to the finances and i need some 'adult' time to myself to get my brain functioning again.

    WHAT - i am thinking of doing aged care, i see how my nan was treated in 2 different centres and the 2nd were brilliant, i would love to give a family the comfort of knowing their parent or relative is being cared for properly.
    Also i am hoping i could do night work so i can be with the girls during the day and DP has them overnight.

    WHEN - Do i wait until DD is onto the a bottle or taking EBM or do i just do it, get it over and done with and MAKE her adjust? I'm not sure i want to risk our BFing journey just yet.

    HOW - how did you do it, where, hos much did it cost, how did you juggle study, kids and house work aswell as paying for the course????

    I would love to know your ideas and then i might approach DP, i also want to do a GST course to help him out with our business and get us sorted financially.


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    You can do certificate's in Aged Care and often you can get paid whilst you do them. A lot of the TAFE's offer the course - just google what's near you. I know Box Hill used to do it. Also contact some of your local Aged Care facilities to enquire if they will put you through it. Means you usually have to commit to them for a period of time afterwards though.

    Have you thought about doing your Div 2 nursing? You could still specialise in Aged Care but I believe the $ is more and will give you options if you want a break from Aged Care.

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    I did my aged care course last year in Jan. Ds was 18mths, only just weaned off bb's. It was a day course, and during my prac (first week) I was offered a position. I work 230pm-10pm 3 days a fortnight and 7-2 every 2nd weekend mornings. My dh looks after ds when I'm at work. I've just started uni in march, so ds goes to daycare.

    When I went back to (office) work when he was 3mths old, it was kinda he had no choice to take ebm. I didn't work many hours 3 days a week then though and as soon as I go home he was right on that boob and wasn't giving it up. I did think he'd wean early because of that. He weaned at 15mths, but most likely because we moved house.

    Good luck!

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