thread: AIO, AI2 or Pockets?????

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    Apr 2009

    AIO, AI2 or Pockets?????

    What to use?? AIO? Dry slowly? AI2? Who wants wet natural fibres stuck to them? Or pockets? Is it bad to have fleece polyester next to them even though they will be dry? I don't know which way to go...

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    Dec 2007
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    AIO's dry slower yes but I like them for daycare nappies, and I find the bumg's AIO's dry quicker than any other one - monkey doodlez dry pretty quick too.

    AI2's - you can have a fleece layer next to their butt so they aren't on a wet fabric. My favourite AI2's are pop-ins, genesa forge and widdlewuns.

    Pockets - my kids are fine with the suedecloth in pockets - but I know some other people on here have issues with their kids with them.

    All of them have their pros and cons and I use all of them for different reasons.