thread: AOI night nappy - are there any and are they any good?

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    May 2010

    AOI night nappy - are there any and are they any good?


    I just wanted to know if anyone has found and experienced any night nappies that are actually AOI
    (or a pocket) NOT and AI2. Every night nappy that I have looked at so far have either been an AI2 or
    fitted/over combination.


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    To the best of my knowledge - NO, there is no AIO dedicated Night Nappy.

    There are a several reasons for this, most significantly being that AIOs (most of them) are AIOs as they contain a layer somewhere of PUL, a plastic coating on the back of fabric which makes it waterproof.
    Overnight, they are in the nappy for anywhere from 5 hours to 12 hours or even longer, and it is VITAL that there is breathability. This is why it is not recommended to use PUL nappy covers on your night nappies, as they do not allow air circulation.
    Essentially, what causes most nappy rash is the reaction of the skin to prolonged exposure to urea, a main ingredient or urine. By morning, urine is very concentrated, as there is no fluid intake overnight, and the urea is therefore much stronger. (Many babes will do a big wee either right after or right before they wake up )

    Basically, you need to use natural breathable fabrics over night to allow air flow - this will prevent the heat of the urine festering the nappy creating nappy rash and fungal rashes, and also from deteriorating your nappies.

    This is why night nappies are fitted/cover situations and NOT AIOs, etc.

    The best covers you can use overnight are WOOL, which is both absorbant and waterproof and a natural breathable fibre. You can get soakers, which are like nappy covers, shorties, and longies, which are full length pants.
    With your NN cover, it is vital the cover COMPLETELY covers the nappy, this will prevent leakage from small gapeage and also from wicking. The NN needs to be snug fitting, with no gapes at all, most commonly these are at the tummy and the back of the leg when you push bubs knees up to their armpits (like how they would be if you change the nappy iykwim).
    The wool covers do NOT need to washed often at all unless they are actually soiled from poo or begin to smell. Hand wash with some warm water and wool wash, and make sure you lanolise them regularly to maintain their waterproof qualities.
    You can also use fleece overnight, but wool is better, unless bubs has a reaction to it. The longies also act as pj pants, trackies, you can wear them with any fitted nappies, just like clothes.

    Hope that helps
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    and besides with like 12-16layers of bamboo imagine how long an AIO would take to dry - about 3 weeks me thinks....and how bulky the little sucker would have to be.

    Bonnibums do do a pocket nappy for night. It has a snap in bit that would technically make it an AI2, but there's no reason it couldn't do inside the pocket.

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    Thanks everyone!