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    Am going to buy a couple of minkybubbles.. Tia is about 3-4kg atm, do you think I should go for the smalls? How long did they last your bub? Or should I get medium and just use sposies until they fit?
    What about the microbubbles.. Do you like those or they minky's way better?

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    I have a couple of them both minky and micro. I don't prefer any one over the other it's just the minky is more of a show off nappy.

    I'd say go for the smalls. They are quite a generous fit and Caleb can still fit his mediums.
    When I first got some I got one med and one large as I was unsure of the size. I don't mind putting one away for later. Caleb has worn the large a few times but as it is still a bit big around the tum it's only in an emergency

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