thread: Fave AIO for boys??

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    Aug 2006

    Fave AIO for boys??

    Hi guys,
    I'm about to make my foray into the world of MCNs and have decided AIOs are for us. I'm just wondering if there are some better for boys than girls? I was looking at the Magic-Alls probably in combination with the hemp booster (do I need this), or the Bum Genius AIO or One Size pocket. but thought I would ask those more experienced (that's you) for suggestions before buying six of them!

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    I have been using MCN for 2 years. My personal preference are Bubblebubs, really good quality, wash up well and now even more absorbent as they have a bamboo booster.

    My other two favorites are Itti Bitti AIO's (better for a chubby thigh baby though as I was getting leaks out the legs even with boosting) now he is bigger they are great. A really trim fit. The other would be an itti bitti boo but these are fitted's and need a cover, very absorbent though.

    I am expecting number two early August and I think I will only get Bubblebubs, itti bitti boos as only got these in Larges. And maybe a couple of Berry Plushes to use as covers.

    I personally didn't like the fit of the Magicalls. The Bumgenious are a nicer fit around the legs but not as generous around the waist if you have a chubby bubba.

    Good luck on your ventures to MCN.

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    I have just received my very first Itti bitti something D'lish snap in AIO, they are wonderful!!!! I also love the bum genius one sized pocket and the magic alls are ok too - they don't last as long as the others, about 2 hours maximum for us - Quinn is a heavy wetter. The others can go 3 or a bit more.

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    I found that the magicalls didn't last very long. Maybe not even an hour. My bubblebubs keep him dry for hours. I wouldn't get anymore magicalls.

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    Mar 2006
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    For boys I would look for something with a nice high rise, you don't want anything too low in the front or your going to have problems. Bubblebubs are good. I have also had 3/4 of my customers love the swaddlebees for boys but a couple fing they can leak a little with a heavy wetter. Bumgenius pockets are good as you can fold up the insert at the front. all the best!