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    I'm experimenting with MCNs trying to find what works best for us and I've got one MD for my DD which I've had on her twice. Both times she has been sopping wet after an hour. I've got a hautes and a bumgenius pockets that she can have on for up to 3.5/4 hours without any problems at all so I'm not sure why the huge difference. Do they just take heaps of washes to get the absorbency up, or do I just have to accept that they're not for us? I love the way they fit her, so hope its just a washing thing.

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    Hey Lulu

    I found the same thing when I first got my MD! I was thinking how [email protected] is this! (about 3 months ago) but now mine are fine. I don't leave mine on for quite as long as I can my BG but it still works well. If I'm going to be out for a while I might lay one of my boosters in it, or if you wanted you could buy MD doublers to add some absorbancy. Especially if it fits Izzy well, it is worth making it work for you.

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    I had the same problem with Sebastian. I'm giving them a break as I think the problem may be sizing - they appear to be bigger than the other brands. Boosting could help, though.

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    I stock the MD and when i first starting using them on Chelsea had the same problems. The key secret is washes... it can take up to 10 washes for them to maintain maximum absorbancy. As Lee suggested, the doublers are a great idea too.

    Sizing is a little varied too...Chelsea will be in mediums for ever so it seems!

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