thread: Monkey Doodlez Micro AIO's??

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    Mar 2007

    Question Monkey Doodlez Micro AIO's??


    I am borrowing a MD Micro AIO from a generous BB friend and it fits really well on my DD! It's a NB size though and she would nearly be out of it and into the S size.

    I want to buy a few as I love how they look and the slim fit.

    Are they a reliable popular nappy? Any feedback on them would be great!!!!

    Also.... are the Micro one's the best or should i look at the other types?


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    Dec 2007
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    Ren - as I just wrote on your FB wall - I have those in my own stash, they aren't incredibly absorbent, but they do the job ok. I never had any BAD leaks with them, they come with extra boosters, but they made for serious leg gape here. Just too big.

    I think the ones with bamboo would be heaps better - more absorbent. I liked the fit and everything on DD though.

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    Jun 2008

    I had one and I tried it a few times and hated it. Ash would leak EVERY time. One wee and he would be soaked through. It wasn't a wicking problem, they just were not absorbant enough.

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    Mar 2007

    Oh ok... well DD is in one now asleep so when she wakes I'll see how wet she is.... that will tell all I didn't put in an extra booster either hhmm perhaps I should have...

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    Sep 2006
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    I got a micro and original when we first started - not very absorbant at all but quite trim and easy to use.