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Thread: My Magic-Alls have arrived!!

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    Smile My Magic-Alls have arrived!!

    Recieved my magic-alls (Baby Beehinds) this morning. It says wash at least once before use. How many times would you recommend washing them? Any little tips?
    Very excited - they look great. Cant wait to start using them. I am so impatient..

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    Congratulations MrsDaisy. You'll love them! It is ok to wash only once first, but bear in mind that they won't reach full absorbency until they have had a few washes. With bamboo and hemp it is usually about 10 washes, I'm not sure about microfibre (what the MAs are made from). Did you get the boost-its with them? If not it could be worthwhile, especially for a heavy wetter. The MAs are great as trim, easy, quick drying nappy, but are less absorbent than some others. There are new MAs coming out made of bamboo which will be more absorbent but I don't think they are available yet? Not sure, but if you got the bamboo ones ignore the rest of my post, pre-wash 3 times and don't use at night etc until they've had 10 or so washes.

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    Congrats Em!

    I just couldn't wait to use mine so washed them overnight, and the next day was my washing day, so I put them in with literally every wash I did - you don't have to wait for them to dry!

    Good luck, how excitement!

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    I found that mine really took about 5 washes to work really well.

    I am hanging for the new ones as I am going to get a few of them as well,

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