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Thread: Anyone Celiac or Gluten/Wheat Intolerant and Having Trouble Concieving?

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    Default Anyone Celiac or Gluten/Wheat Intolerant and Having Trouble Concieving?

    Just wondered if anyone is a recetly diagnosed celiac and had trouble conceiving in the past?? I have heard that celiacs can have infertility issues until they start a gluten free diet??

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    I was diagnosed with coeliac last year, after years of anemia and fatigue, depression and all the joys. After I was diagnosed my mum told me that nanna had it, and died from bowel cancer.

    Anyways, to your question - I had my first child at 23, next at 24 and then 26. No conception issues at all, it feels like everytime my hubby sneezes I fall pregnant.

    So, I have not experienced this at all, but I do believe there could be issues involved, esp. if you are vitamin deficient etc...

    BTW, none of my three kids inherited coeliacs.

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    I am gluten intolerant and I have known this for years but still cheated and ate wheat (coeliac runs in my family - I have a brother and 2 nieces who have been diagnosed). After I lost my first baby last year at 20 weeks, I decided to get serious about going gluten free. My ob ordered a blood test done and he did say if it came back positive he would want me to wait 6 months before I start TTCing again. Luckily, the test came back negative so I didn't have to wait.

    I have been told that some believe their is a link between coeliac and miscarriages, but I am not sure if this extends to infertility.

    Good luckn on the gluten free diet and I hope you get some good baby news soon too.

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    My heart goes out to you and your lost angel. My mother is wheat intolerant too, coeliac seems to skip a generation. She has told me before very lightly about 2 miscarriages she had, but has never gone in to it. As far as I know my Nanna didn't have any. My mother did want a family of six, but stopped at two because of the miscarriages. I hope this confirms your myth a little bit more. has a wealth of information on the matter. I found it very useful when I was first diagnosed.
    BTTW - no good baby news soon for me!! I am all done after my three angels, which I use that term very loosely with them, and they keep me very busy so we are considering our options to opt out of baby making...

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    Hi everyone
    I was diagnosed last year with CD and was told by my GP and dietician that I might have difficulty conceiving or remaining pregnant for a while, given it takes a little time for the body to recover from nutrient deficiency. My hubby and I decided that we would try anyway, given it might take a while. I was off the pill for 6 weeks when I found out I was pregnant. 16 weeks and 1 day now and counting each week off with a celebratory rice/potato flour donut
    I think that there are a lot of myths out there about CD and pregnancy. The best advice is probably to stick to the diet as best you can, try as much as you like and leave the rest up to the forces to decide.
    Good luck all

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    i have a gluten intolerance - very bad with oats, rye, bran, barley and malt and i don't like to miss out so every now and then i'll eat it anyway and get sick (and have my face puff up like a balloon, etc). it took me 9 months to conceive this bubby. i don't have CD but food allergies and intolerances run in my family.

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    My mum also has a wheat intolerance too - whilst my nanna and I have/had CD. None of my kids have tested positive yet but the doctor told me to check them again when they are 16.
    It is VERY hard to miss out on certain foods, but my mum has a very kooky way around it - even though bread still makes her sick, last week she told me...
    "It's okay to eat bread, because when it is cooked, all the gluten goes to the crusts, so you shouldn't eat the crusts..." ROFLMAO.... So bad....

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