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    I have always suffered eczema all my life, flaring up at drastic changes in weather as we often do here in melbourne.
    But since being pg with DS1 I have had constant raw, itchy and peeling hands (more my fingers). I have been to my gp how many times and usually get a prescription for a safe cream to use, but once that finishes it flares up's not the same as the eczema I used to get, it's more when I am washing my hands, or dishes etc....the water seems to affect it. And I can't stop washing my hands, after changing nappies, before preparing food etc....

    Does anyone have any herbal/natural remedies that may be useful?

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    I had DS at his 3 monthly appointment to a dermatologist today! We saw a different doctor this time and he told me something that none had told me before! He mentioned that our skin contains natural moisturises - washing regularly or even getting our skin wet strips some of them and therefore leaves us prone to the scratching and itching of eczema etc. And yet while the skin is wet is the best time to apply creams!

    He asked what we use and I explained the range of creams my son was on for different parts of his body and for different degrees of his eczema flare and explained that when he had no signs of eczema I rub him down with QV intensive moisturiser. I was told that this was a great thing to do to help diminish the effects - i'm guessing it would be the same with dermatitis? It's a fantastic moisturiser available for $20 for rather a large tub over the counter of the chemist and I can highly recommend it. Hope this helps!

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    I am not sure what exactly is in it (and therefore whether it strictly is "natural") but I swear by Dermeze for the flare ups. Its a fairly thick ointment, recommended by the RCH here in Vic I think $15 - $20 a large tub. Good luck.

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