thread: 15th May 2012 - Picture Today, Inspire Tomorow

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    Smile 15th May 2012 - Picture Today, Inspire Tomorow

    I don't want to post a link here as i am not 100% on the site (fairly sure it would be ok but ya know ) but anyone interested in photography etc might like to check out ADAY dot org

    Basically they are aiming to have everyone on the site take a photo (or photo's) on May 15th 2012 and upload to the site, to show what people are doing on that day, what means something to them etc.
    They are going to keep the pictures for everyone to see but also select some for a book?

    I thought it might be something some people would be interested in looking at or joining in

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    Thanks for sharing, this looks really interesting. I will look at the site more in depth tonight in peace