thread: best plac to print photos online

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    Jan 2009
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    best plac to print photos online

    only need basic normal photo size pics just need to know which is cheap and has good service from ur experience i know theres harvey norman and bigW

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    Jun 2010

    Big W currently have a promotion at the moment for 9c prints. They sent me an email about it.

    Ive also used snapfish which were pretty good and Eastmon which were also good. Although Eastmon were on the more expensive sde of things. Mostly they are much of a muchness for everyday quality if you are just getting normal prints done so I would just shop around for the lowest price, jmo

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    Sep 2008

    I have also used snapfish a few times and found the service good - although it takes longer and costs the same to pick up in store (can pick up at some KMarts) as it did to get them through the post.

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    i've had things printed through big w - they seem to be cheaper postage wise than snap fish. the quality of the prints is generally pretty good too. i haven't had any dramas...i do tend now to get the white border printed on the page - just from my own experience, for some reason NONE of the online or local ones can guarantee to get the whole picture in. have had some cropping that has annoyed me a little...

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    Big W here. Tried others and always go back to Big W.