thread: Buying a new DigCam... need some help.

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    Jul 2007

    Question Buying a new DigCam... need some help.

    Hi, I am trying to determine which digital still camera to buy, as we are in need of a new one.

    I am trying to stay under the $200 mark and definitely no more than $250.
    I would prefer a camera that has SD compatibilty as I do already have an SD card, however XD wouldn't be so bad (and I lurve Olympus DCams).

    I'm stuck because I've been looking at review sites and camera sites and I just don't know what is what anymore.

    A salesman at JBHiFi told me the best selection is likely to be a Panasonic as they created the optical or image stabilisation or something or another so cameras that have that will be cheaper if they are Panasonic as all other brands have to pay a patent... However, ideally i just want a simple ease of use camera that will last us another 2-3 years and produce better shots than my 3mp Fujifilm is at the moment.

    I don't really know much about anything to do with cameras, I do a lot of editing on the computer (when I manage to figure it out and get around to it ) so a feature rich button filled DCam is not necessary.

    I have taken some really beautiful, but still fuzzy, less than ideally focussed shots of DS and basically, I just want them to be better! So help...

    I have come across the Olympus FE-20, FE-280 & FE-45 all at the same price, which would you recommend of the three?

    And then there is the Panasonic Lumix, which varies from the older model at $130 and the newer at $250 - big difference in price, is there a marked difference in features?

    I have looked at so many i am just confused, so any help is more than appreciated. Just throw some suggestions out there! TIA

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    Dec 2007

    We have had 2 Kodak ones now and I would buy Kodak again.

    I know nothing about cameras though! lol

    I need to get a new one too so would be interesting to see everyones thoughts. A friend has an Olympus digital SLR and the pics are fabulous too.

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    Jan 2005
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    We have a Casio p&s. It takes nice clear pictures and the guy at teds camera recommended it because I wanted something fast cos I hate shutter lag.