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Thread: Digital Photo Frame As Gift For Overseas Technophobe

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    Default Digital Photo Frame As Gift For Overseas Technophobe

    I'm thinking of buying my mum, who lives in the UK, a digital photo frame.

    Now mum is a complete technophobe. Example, when my oven timer went off when she was visiting us recently, she asked, "ooooh Fiona, is that your email coming in?"

    So you get the idea.

    Now I think she would love a digital photo frame with all the photos of the grandkids on there. I'm presuming I could load the photos before I send it to her as that would be too tricky for her?

    Also, the power connections are different over there so d'you need to plug them in or do/can they run on batteries?

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    Hi - you can get some that run on batteries as well as mains power & you can load the pics here for her BUT unless you've seen a frame in action & love it I'd be wary, my DP got me a pretty expensive one for mothers day & it is awfull, the quality is rubbish (the screen makes the pics look pixelated) & I'd rather just look at the pics on the computer in a slideshow, which is all it really is anywho...

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    My BIL got one for MIL (she's just on 70) and she never uses it because she still can't figure out how to turn it on, even though I have shown her stacks of times

    Be prepared for the fact that she just may never look at the thing unless there is someone that can show her repeatedly or put it on for her. The one BIL gave her lives in the box shoved in a drawer!

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    FIL got MIL one last year. She avoids alot of tech things!
    He loaded it up for her with family shots and she just has it running all the time. Picture quality is very good actually, but I dont know what brand it is.

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    Some of them have USB input. this would be good, because you could send over a new USB stick every 6 months or so full of pics and she could just plug it in (with instructions from you)

    don't skimp on the resolution. it's only if your resolution is too low that the pics look pixelated. resolution is indicated by number x number (e.g. 1280 x 1024). it indicates how many dots wide x dote high make up the picture.

    you can get battery powered, but plug in is probably better. you should be able to get adaptor or a plug suitable for UK.

    i think its a great idea.

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