thread: What point & shoot / compact digital camera do you recommend?

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    What point & shoot / compact digital camera do you recommend?

    I have a digital SLR but its not always convenient to take out with me, so I am looking for a digital compact camera. What one do you recommend? I used to have a Canon Ixus ages ago and was quite happy with it but technology changes so fast!

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    I have a Fuji60fd that would recommend and before that I had the earlier version I think was Fuji30, my sister had the same one and we have both been very happy with them and my sister takes really good photos - she is ebygomm on flickr if you want to see examples hers was a Fuji31fd, and I think the 60fd was its replacement.

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    panasonic lumix. takes a good pic, waterproof, shockproof. Great in the hands of kids and equally great in a handbag at the pub.

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    I have a Cannon Powershot A700, it's about 4 years old now but it's still going strong, is easy to use and takes great pic's and vid's.
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    should add i had the equivalent olympus, yanno the one the dog eats? I like the panasonic better.

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    We have a panasonic lumix and a nikon coolpix both are really good. We also have digital SLR

    Coolpix lives in my bag as easy and small to snap pics of kids, other one also takes good pics, DH takes it on work overseas trips.

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    I too am on the lookout for a new digital camera to take out and about as the one we have is pretty old and I too don't like taking our SLR digital out with us everywhere its way too big and expensive to just take out anywhere!!!!

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    i love my olympus compact digital camera
    my kids have got samsung digital ones and they are ace as well- just point and shoot- 12mega pixels and easy to use
    worth a look as well

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    for point and shoot get yourself another ixus can't beat them