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Thread: 20 week ultrasound shows club foot need to know more.

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    I will ask my mum, she dealt with my club feet 24 years ago but she might know something about some people that can help you out

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    Sarah, Yep, they picked up the cleft on the 2D ultrasound. We then went on to have a 3D one to get a better look. We were really lucky the radiologist picked it up, I know it can be difficult. It gives us more the time to find out exactly what we're in for, but also to prepare the family, friends etc for it. I know for us this will be the most beautiful baby in the world, but I couldn't bear for other people who are close to us to look at bubs in a negative way...especially for something that is cosmetic and easily fixed with surgery so you'll barely even notice.

    I'm glad all went well with your ultrasound and everything sounds very reassuring. Now you can get back to enjoying your pregnancy and keep getting excited about the little one on the way.

    I know for us for about 2 weeks a lot of the joy was taken out of the pregnancy, but now we've done all the tests, we just can't wait for our little one to arrive.

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    SRV.... Just to let you know... there was a bub born when I had alexa.. a wee boy & he had a cleft palate... he was able to breastfeed & even fed better without the plate they made for the roof of his mouth... he is such a gorgeous wee boy....
    Also, my brother was born with a cleft lip (not palate), & all his baby photos look so cute!!!! He had his scar recut & sticthed about 15ish & you can hardly even notice it now (and probably wouldnt if you didnt know it was there IYKWIM)...

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    Mitch, thanks for that. Everything I've heard and read is so reassuring. Am thrilled to hear about the little boy who could breastfeed. We are comfortable with everything else, but I got told that if the palate was involved, I would almost certainly not be able to breastfeed which was really upsetting. Fingers crossed it will be ok.

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    amyc Guest

    Default club foot Mum

    Hi Sarah, I have a 3year old son with bilateral talipes or club feet. If you need support from a Mum who has been through it all, you are most welcome to contact me. We have been through everything to do with club feet so I am most willing to help you in anyway I can.

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