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    I know sometimes it plain sucks to have special needs kids. It is also easy to get stuck on the negative things so I thought it would be great to hear some highlights of 2007 from you all so we can encourage and cheer each other on.

    For me our family moved from NZ in Feb, this has been a positive move and my CP boy had a wonderful winter with it not being so cold his joints weren't sore!

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    what a great idea for a thread. I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's achievemnts and highlights.

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    My daughter learnt how to write her name...a challenge previously outside her ability, and learnt how to add side breathing to her freestyle swimming.

    My son's pulmonary artery repair has grown along with his body and is in the "normal" range.

    I've also had the priviledge of watching both my kids get alongside other children in their prep and kindy classes who were being ostracised by their peers and help them fit in.

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