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    Coleman has been diagnosed as asthmatic, at the moment we are still monitoring him to determine whether its viral or not as he seems to mainly get it whenever he has bronchilitis, croup or a cold (which is way too often, another concern... )

    I was wondering, from your experience if you have had a child with asthma, do most kids grow out of it? I vaguely recall hearing somewhere that kids grow out of asthma as they get older...

    Also, apart from ventolin or other puffer meds, is there any remedies/exercises you did that helped ease your kids symptoms/pain?


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    You can read my post below in Simone's thread!

    I am almost (tomorrow 33) without my asthma preventer (not sure they are suitable for kids though?) I'd be constantly hospitalised!!!

    I HIGHLY Recommend asking to see an asthma awareness councillo or someone whom specialises in it!!! They literally saved me!!

    Best of luck... I know it's so scary to be an asthmatic!

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    Some kids do grow out of the symptoms after a while and stop getting so many attacks but ... once an asthmatic, always an asthmatic. I am one myself ... I had it very severely up until the age of 9. Doctors told my parents I would grow out of it by 16 but as I was ill so much of the time, that wasn't really an option. I had immunotherapy which stopped the attacks for over 20 years. In recent times, I have repeated the immunotherapy and it has helped control the asthma (and the corresponding hayfever) once again. I now only get an attack once or twice a year and carry a Ventolin with me at all times as I never know when that will be.

    I have also heard the Buteyko method (breathing exercises) is recommended for asthmatics but I have not had that myself. Might be worth looking into. I agree with Tracey that good professional help with the condition is essential. I hope things continue to go well for Coleman. I know how awful asthma can be.



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    Your son sound just like my youngest son. It almost seems like that he has a constant cough, croup etc. He was diagnosed with Astham about two months ago. He is on Flixtide and Ventolin. Also he has had redipred several times too many for my liking.

    I am asthmatic and I have always been that way since I was diagnosed when I was 7. I am in my thirties now. I take Ventolin and Seretide everyday.

    When I was younger I was told that asthma has a seven year cycle where it either gets better, worse or stays the same. I do not know whether I believe it or not.

    Only other thing that I can think of is to try and find out what triggers it and try and avoid them.

    Sorry I am not much help. Also sorry about all the typos as it has been along day for me as Aaron has got croup yet again. It never seems to end.

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    Thanks Shannon!

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