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Thread: Having 2nd thoughts TTC #3

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    Unhappy Having 2nd thoughts TTC #3

    We are on our 1st month TTC #3. I am at the end of my cycle and am pretty sure not PG although haven't done a final test.

    I am at that point I am sure you have all been at where having another baby is all I can think about and I really really want it - However my DS1 Jackson is going through a very trying patch (Aspies kid) and DS2 seems to be going through a similar patch, I think in part due to the fact that he copies all of Jackson's behaviours because they are so pronnounced - so in effect it is like I am raising 2 Aspies!!!

    I am starting to question if bringing another baby into the mix at the moment would be a good idea, if I would cope with the lack of sleep when I am not getting all that much now anyway. I suffered from PND with both my boys, but am staying on medication this time throughout the PG so hoping that is going to be a big help.

    Anyone been in a similar sort of situation? Did you decide to wait a bit longer, not have more at all, or did you go for it, and if you did, how did it all work out?

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    min I can understand. We aren't TTC#3 and are in debates as to whether or not we can handle it. DD2 copies DD1's behaviour a lot including some of those precious "quirks" that she has. Its not pleasant to be around when the 2 of them get started. I still feel the desire to have another child, but at the same time I'm petrified of having another one with those particular quirks.

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