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Thread: Hyperinnsulin/Hypoglygemia

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    Mason was born via emergency c-section due to sever fetal distress. As a result of being stuck in my birth canal, he ended up with perinatal asphyxia,shock and head trauma. When he was 3 hours old they tested his blood sugar, this was low.

    To cut a long story short, he produces too much insulin now and is on Diazoxide to control it, aswell as cornflour (like a low GI) in his night bottle. This conditon can be serious, he can have seizures, coma, heart attack just to list a few things. His sugar levels have to be tested after more than 6 hours sleep.

    The endocrinologists say he could have this for the rest of his life. AS I didnt HAVE gestational diabetes with him, the cause of this is a direct result of his distress (hormonal)

    Has anyone heard of this condition? Some support would be wonderful!

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    Hi Donna, Sorry to here of Mason condition. I don't know anything about this, but I can certainly be there for you for support. My daughter has Cystic Fibrosis, so I know how important it is to have support. Is this like a diabetes type of condition?

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    it is the opposite of diabetes. Mason produces too much insulin and diabetics dont make enough.

    His body just doesnt regulate the right hormone.

    He was weaned off meds at 4 months, then at 11 months he woke up all puffy and lethargic, sure enough, his sugars were low and in july he ended up in hospital for 6 days

    The doctors have said while he appears normal, they wont know if the low blood sugar has caused any permanant neourological damage

    Im so sorry about your daughter

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