thread: My litte child has Autism...

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    Aug 2004

    thanks Natalie - where exactly is this thread....? I cannot find it.

    How old is your daughter? thanks for writing.

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    Mar 2004

    the developmental delay thread is here.

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    Mar 2006

    Thanks Chloe, I dont know how to do that

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    Aug 2004

    hi there mums/dads of Aspergers/Autism children,
    we are thinking of moving to south east queensland (gold coast hinterland) and thought I may post to see if anyone can tell me of their experiences with primary schools - particularly of course with children with special needs like my son (Aspergers). I have heard that Queensland has more support within school years for children like my son than many other states/territories. Victoria where we currently like has been great for early intervention - school, another story.
    thanks anyone who may have experiences or information.

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    kerry Guest

    Where abouts in Vic are you?

    There are 2 brilliant schools designed especially for Autism/ASD/Asperger kids in the Melb suburbs but I would agree with you that integration support in mainstream schools can be a bit limitied and even non-existant.

    My X's son has a full time integration aid in a mainstream school that he shares with another aspie boy. They also both have weekly group speach pathology session and fortnightly one on one SP sesions and child psychology session. His school is in Hoppers Crossing and is a semi private (a state school with a fee system)